Oranges and corals are some of the most difficult colors to wear. But if you find the right shade and apply it well, they can be some of the most flattering colors. These soft, spring colors can lift pale looks and add a little bit of fun to your complexion. Here’s a guide to the perfect shades for everyone!


Fair-skinned blondes with pink tones can enhance their complexion and coloring by incorporating coral makeup in their routine, especially in the summer. These colors are fun to work with, and add a lot of brightness to your face. Warmer blondes look better in peach and golden oranges.


The darker your hair, the more gold tones your oranges and corals should have. Use an iridescent coral nail enamel or lip gloss to get that summery look.


Redheads should stick to a soft peach gloss with a sheer wash of coral on the cheeks which is perfect for those pale, freckly complexions.

Dark Skin

Dark skinned girls can opt for enriched oranges which will draw attention to your facial features. Some dark skins tend to look ashy, but an orange tonal foundation can correct this, and even concealer with orange tones will work amazingly.

Fair Skin

For fair skin, stick to a mandarin orange which will bring a flush of color to your ivory skin with peach undertones. Salmony oranges and pale corals will suit porcelain skin.

Olive Skin

Olive-skinned women will look fabulous in bright corals mixed with orange metallics such as bronze or copper.