Using Liquid Eyeliner

By Aniela M / February 21, 2007

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A lot of people try to avoid using liquid eyeliner. It can get messy, and if your hand isn’t too steady, it just won’t look pretty. Well here are some easy tips on how anyone can use liquid eyeliner and make it look perfect too!

Liquid eyeliner defines your eyes more and give it a bold, dramatic look. Make sure you have the right eyeliner brush: a small, pointed sable brush. Also remember to make the line thicker near the outer corners of the eye.

Start off by gently pulling the outer corner of your eye away from your nose with your index finger. Get as close to the lid as you can.

Start at the inner corner and work the brush outward towards the outer eye. Make sure your hand is as steady as it can be. Apply by using smooth, continuous action so you don’t smudge the line. As you come towards the end, try to tilt your brush so that the line at the end is a little bit thicker.

Make sure you have a Q-tip on hand in case of any messy mistakes. Also remember to apply your liquid eyeliner last, after you’ve applyed all of your eye shadows. Always start at the inner corner of your upper lid- this should be the thinnest line. If you wish, make a thin line at the bottom rim of your eye for even more definition.

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