The world of makeup can be a somewhat hard and confusing place. Sometimes whatever you’re trying to do works, and sometimes you fail miserably. Either way, it’s all with trial and error that you learn to perfect your makeup techniques. Now that summer’s upon us, we can start experimenting with an array of different colors and styles.

One of my favorite things to do is to combine two different colored eyeshadows together. I’m not talking about blending in different shades of the same color, but actually using two distinct colors that can be seen as two different colors on your eyelids.

Before you do this, you must realize what colors go with your hair color and skin tone. If you’re fair, stay away from dark, dramatic colors as it can be too big of a contrast. Try going for a green and yellow combination, as it works on almost any skin tone.

Apply the green eyeshadow (sea-foam green, nothing too crazy!) to the inner corner of your eyelids, and follow with the yellow eyeshadow on the outer corner. It might look funny at first, but you’ll get the hang of it, and you will absolutely love wearing two different eyeshadow colors!eyeshadow.jpg