DIY Nail Growth Serum

By Aniela / June 28, 2017

Can't get those nails to grow? No worries, we've got the perfect DIY nail growth serum for you! With all natural ingredients, and proven to work, this DIY nail growth serum will not only make your nails grow (FAST), but will also moisturize dry, brittle nails, nourish the skin, and strengthen weak nails.

This recipe uses aloe vera gel, castor oil, vitamin E, and garlic. Each and every one of these ingredients are scientifically proven to promote nail growth, strengthen nails, and hydrate cuticles.

This is one of our favorite home remedies because it's so easy to do and will really make a difference in the health of your nails! This DIY nail growth serum will help nails grow faster, soften cuticles, and strengthen nails in just 15 minutes!

DIY Nail Growth Serum Recipe:

before and after nail growth

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  • 1/2 tsp aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 tsp castor oil (if you don't have castor oil, you can also use coconut oil, olive oil, or flaxseed oil)
  • 1 vitamin E capsule
  • a garlic clove

Why This DIY Nail Growth Serum Works:

Aloe Vera Gel: aloe contains healing properties, which when applied to the nails, can strengthen, soften, and heal. It's full of beneficial vitamins and minerals which penetrate the skin and nails to promote growth and strength. Learn how to make your own aloe vera gel with just a few simple steps!

Castor Oil: Full of fatty acids, castor oil can help regenerate new cell growth, and promote healthy nail growth. It also helps to combat any fungus or bacteria, making for healthier nails and cuticles. If you don't have castor oil, you can easily substitute for coconut oil, olive oil, or flaxseed oil – they all contain beneficial fatty acids and antibacterial properties.

Vitamin E Oil: like castor oil, vitamin E oil is also full of fatty acids which hydrate and moisturize dry, cracked nails. The oil penetrates deep into the nail bed to remedy dryness and strengthen the nail. It also encourages nail growth.

Garlic: garlic for nail growth? You bet! Garlic contains a mineral called selenium which boosts nail strength and growth, and is actually used in a lot of commercial nail growth serums! It also contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Why Do My Nails Break?

Nails can break for a number of reasons or a combination of those different reasons. One of the most common reasons for nail breakage is lack of calcium. Consider taking calcium tablets to supplement to strengthen not only your nails but also your hair as well.

Diet and exercise play a big role when it comes to the health of your nails. Eating foods rich in Omega 3s, such as fish, can make a big difference. Regular exercise also helps in strengthening nails and hair, as well as giving you better skin. Healthy from the inside = healthy from the outside.

Improper care is another cause for nail breakage. Your nails will easily break if you don't wear gloves while handling harsh cleaning supplies and/or dish soap. Consider wearing gloves whenever washing dishes – water can wreak havoc on the nails! Additionally, you should use a hand cream daily to protect the skin and the nails. Well hydrated nails means stronger, longer nails.

Genetics is another unfortunate cause which can't really be controlled, save for a proper diet and exercise. If everyone in your family has weak, brittle nails, you may have to work just a little harder to strengthen those nails.


  1. In a clean jar or pot, mix aloe vera gel, castor oil, and the vitamin E capsule.
  2. Mix together until well combined.
  3. In a food processor, add your garlic clove and pulse until very fine.
  4. Before applying the DIY nail growth serum, go ahead and soak your nails in warm water for about 15 minutes. This will help soften cuticles and will enable the serum to penetrate a little better. Pat dry.
  5. Rub the garlic paste directly onto clean, nail polish free nails.
  6. Massage it into the nail beds in slow, circular motions and leave on for 10 minutes.
  7. Wash off, and pat dry.
  8. Now apply the oil serum that you made earlier, onto your nails.
  9. Massage slowly into the cuticles.
  10. Leave on overnight or for a couple of hours.

Use the garlic paste onto your nails once a week, but DO apply the oil every night before bed. Within just 2 weeks, you'll notice a huge difference in the health of your nails, stronger nails, and longer nails too!

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DIY Nail Growth Serum

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3 years ago

Can nail polish be used when doing this or should Your nails be bare?

3 years ago
Reply to  Aniela

I tried this as well though it’s not working! I did everything and followed every single step including diet and exercise! Not recommended!

2 years ago

Doesn’t leave your hands smelling like garlic?

2 years ago

Hi! Can I mix garlic clove paste or a clove in the serum? Like dunking the garlic clove/paste in the bottle filled with serum?

1 year ago

can we do the recipe with out vitamin e