Get ready for summer with the hottest nail polishes around. Bright colors are springing up ranging from pink, to oranges, to reds. Anything goes this season, as nail polish hues come in all kinds of different colors that will suit everybody’s tastes.

My personal favorite nail polish brands is OPI. They have some of the best colors out there, including one of their most famous ones “I’m not really a waitress” which is a rosy red color that goes well with every outfit and suits everyone. OPI

Also hot this season are pastel colors ranging from pink to purples because they represent a new beginning, and are just perfect for spring and summer. Try “Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie” again from OPI, which is a purply, taffy, pink and is absolutely adorable. OPI2

And lastly, one of the fewer used colors is ” A Little Less Conversation” from the New Elvis Collection which is again an OPI color. This polish is a beautiful, breathtaking lemony yellow that will definitely suit a beautiful summer dress. OPI3