A lot of us don’t pay attention to our toes and feet, but it’s very important that we take good care of them, especially during the summer. Plus, there is nothing more relaxing than unwinding on a lazy day and giving yourself the ultimate pedicure.

Start off by filling up a little basin or even the tub. Add some bath salts and some essential oils such as rosemary which will soften your feet. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes.

Clean and clip your toenails. Get an emery file and file around the rough edges until you get a straight, smooth line. Use a cuticle remover to rub it in to your nail beds. If you decide to trim your cuticles, make sure that your tools are sterilized. If not, simply bush back your cuticles with a manicure stick and clip off any fly aways.

Use a pumice stone to slough away dead skin and soften up the soles of your feet. Pay special attention to the heels and balls of your feet. Massage a good foot exfoliant onto your feet, going all the way up to your calves. Rinse off, and apply a thick, generous amount of foot lotion over your feet.

Dry your feet well, and apply a neutral base coat to fortify and protect your nails. Apply two coats of nail polish and finish off with a clear top coat. Let try for a good 20 minutes.