Perfectly Polished Toes

By Aniela / February 21, 2007

A lot of us don't pay attention to our toes and feet, but it's very important that we take good care of them, especially during the summer. Plus, there is nothing more relaxing than unwinding on a lazy day and giving yourself the ultimate pedicure.

Start off by filling up a little basin or even the tub. Add some bath salts and some essential oils such as rosemary which will soften your feet. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes.

Clean and clip your toenails. Get an emery file and file around the rough edges until you get a straight, smooth line. Use a cuticle remover to rub it in to your nail beds. If you decide to trim your cuticles, make sure that your tools are sterilized. If not, simply bush back your cuticles with a manicure stick and clip off any fly aways.

Use a pumice stone to slough away dead skin and soften up the soles of your feet. Pay special attention to the heels and balls of your feet. Massage a good foot exfoliant onto your feet, going all the way up to your calves. Rinse off, and apply a thick, generous amount of foot lotion over your feet.

Dry your feet well, and apply a neutral base coat to fortify and protect your nails. Apply two coats of nail polish and finish off with a clear top coat. Let try for a good 20 minutes.

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Jake K
16 years ago

Since being “introduced” to polishing my toes recently by my girlfriend, I have become an enthusiastic polisher! She “treated” me to a pedicure (which I agreed to because my toenails were, well, ugly as most guy’s nails are) and then proceeded to paint them a dark maroon (which I was not so hot about). Funny thing was though, we both liked it afterwards because she had done such a great job of smoothing and shaping them. Even I was impressed! Definitely an improvement over what they looked like before. Maybe not for most guys, but if you ever get an… Read more »

16 years ago

Hey, it’s cool to find other guys into this. I thought I was probably the only one. I tried it because I was dared to. Dark metallic blue was the color of choice (the girl that dared me had this one and a bright red – I think I chose the right one!).
So, it looked kinda funky and got a lot of attention from the girls, so I stuck with it.

15 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to say that I also ‘dared’ my boyfriend to let me paint his toes silver. I was wearing that color and he said he liked it, so….I challenged him to try it!
I thought they looked great, and he sort-of liked them too. I have since painted his toes and mine maybe 10-12 times now and we both are into it.
Girls, you really gotta give this a try! It’s soooo sexy on him!!

Michelle L
15 years ago

I love having a pedicure and wearing bright colors on my toes! It just seems to brighten my day, and my husband really likes my feet looking pretty and colorful too. In fact, he even looks for opportunities to buy me cute sandals and open-toed shoes when we’re out shopping, just because he likes to see my cute feet so much! He has also enjoyed a number of pedicures himself. I introduced him to this because I thought if he knew how great they felt, maybe he would treat me to more of them as well. It actually worked! He… Read more »

15 years ago

My wife introduced me to pedicures and I loved it the first time I got one. I have had many pedicures but until recently i did not opt to get polish. I have gotten the clear polish the last few times and i love the way the nails look. The next time I think I may try a dark color. Feet are feet and toes are toes, why shouldn’t mien’s toes look good?Men get tattoos wear all kinds of body jewelry why are colored toenails so taboo?

15 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to say that I think nail polish on men’s toes is very sexy. I saw it in magazines a while ago and am now seeing it on a few men in public. why don’t more men do this? It looks really good on them and makes their feet look so much better. Women notice when men take care of themselves, and we like it! 🙂

15 years ago

My husband has also tried colored polish on his toenails, and I love it! He was ‘talked into’ this by a nail tech who thought it would be a fun way to surprise me. Well, it certainly did, and though I was not entirely sure about it at first, I really like it now.
More men really should try this, but first,PLEASE get a professional pedicure with it because nail polish with the typically rough male feet will look pretty, uh, not so good.

15 years ago

What do you think about guys getting a french pedicure?

14 years ago

Cosmoguy, I have had a French Pedicure a couple of times. My wife and I love the look on me. It really dresses the toes. I have tried different colors, but I like the French tips the best.

14 years ago

Pedicures feel great, and there is no reason why men cannot enjoy these as well as women. In fact, it’s pretty cool when men and women enjoy them together – my wife and I do!

Have not tried polish yet, but it sounds like maybe I should.

14 years ago

Nail polish has been pretty much a women’s thing, so it’s understandable why many people would not be comfortable with it on men. But, as we all have seen, styles change. Consider long hair, earrings and even brightly colored shirts on men.

The reason why those styles became accepted and common on men is because a few bold and confident men tried it, stuck with it and wore them proudly, in spite of what others thought or said. Funny how those guys are now considerd trend setters…

Are you a leader or follower?

New To Color
13 years ago

In am a very straight senior citizen and had my first pedicure this year. After, I think, three or four pedicures, the owner of the salon that does my fingernails with gel nail as medical assistance for my nails, mentioned that men were getting “color” on their toes. I didn’t know what to think, so I came home and searched the web and found how right she was. Therefore on my next pedicure I went with Black Cherry Chutney and am currently wearing Malaga Wine (Both colors from OPI). I cannot go beyond the nails for guys, makeup is an… Read more »

New To Color
13 years ago

Sorry about the typo, the sentence near the bottom should read “We cannot get the acceptance if we hide it in the home or under socks and shoes.

13 years ago

Hi everyone, I started having my toenails polished at age 4. I’m now 50. It started with the babysitter, omg, she had the most beautiful feet and hands I ever saw on any woman at that time. She used to tickle my feet after she painted my toenails and they were looking soo pretty. Today, I look more like I’m still in my 30’s and I get a pedicure every two weeks and I’m extremely open about nail polish colors. I live in long beach, california. Where is pretty open-minded community and so I now walk openly in publice with… Read more »

13 years ago

I recently tried black polish on my toes when I went in for a pedicure. I had been hearing about men wearing it and could not think how any color other than black would work for a guy. I was quite surprised at how good it made my ‘plain’ feet look. It is something that I will try again.

13 years ago

I had heard about men wearing nail polish on their toes and was initially kind of turned off by it. I decided to search the web to see if this was something that only gay men did. I found this thread about it (as well as many others), and discovered that there are a lot more men who do this than I thought, and it doesn’t look to me like it is something that gay men even care much for either. I am now curious what it would look like on someone I know, so I am thinking of asking… Read more »

13 years ago

Hey Athena here are some good colors to start with black, brown, blue, purple, sliver

12 years ago

I started getting an “American” pedicure about 2.5 months ago. Since then I have gotten slight variations but continue to get the same. I am about as straight as you can get…. ride motorcycles, I have fast cars, got a wife and two kids and some grandkids. I like it alot. I was even told by a checkout girl at Walmart last week my nails looked pretty and they looked soooo clean. I sad what???? She said she wished her boyfriend did it. Every woman I have talked to about this has said she wished her guy got pedicures and… Read more »

12 years ago

I had been painting my toes for years and one day decided to geta pedicure. THat was 10 years ago. 90 ercent of the time my toes are painted. I get pedicures about ever 3 months and poish everytime

12 years ago

I have been painting my toes for many years , I go for a pedi once a month at a nail bar either a french or full colour with nail art.
My wife started this about 8 years ago painting my toes red then she asked me to leave it on so now they are never without a colour.
it shoud be acceptable for men to wear nail varnish without question.