This spring, Lancome had launched this season’s look step by step incorporated in an amazing Pop Cherub. What’s a Pop Cherub you ask? It’s Gucci Westman’s 2007 spring collection that features two cult eye shadow palettes to illuminate or shade your eyes while playing with texture, plump lips and give you that perfection complexion.

For those perfect lips, the Pop Cherub has Plump Secret, Lip Set which includes a base and liner, Cherub Kiss 01. The Sweet Caprice, Hydration Cocoon Lip balm in Bouche d’Ange will leave your lips feeling heavenly. And last, a titillating array of lipstick colors from Rouge Kaban, to Fushia Breva, Beige Loo and Rose Shamal which are colors that look radiant on any skin tone.

For the complexion, Pop Cherub has a Magique Matte, Soft Matte Mousee Makeup which applies with so much ease and goes on perfect. It also contains a Magique Blush, Soft Radiant Mousse Blush for exceptional wear and look in Rose Alizes.

For the eyes, the Pop Cherub is unbelievable. The palette features La Vie Revee des Anges and A l’Ombre des regards which is a combination of light colors (green, pink, white, peach and blue) for illuminating the eyes and a combination of darkers colors to shade the eyes.

The collection also has wonderful liquid eyeliners and mascaras, which have shimmering eyeliners and a soft, natural mascara brushes.

Pop Cherub Eye Palette