5 Best Puffy Eye Remedies

By Aniela / June 14, 2017

Puffy eyes is something we ALL wake up with at one point or another (or every day), which makes us look extra tired. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce puffiness with simple at home remedies. Today we'll share with you THE best puffy eye remedies that work every single time. Basically, puffy eyes appear when we don't get enough sleep or when there isn't enough moisture in the area. The combination of no sleep and dehydration results in puffy eyes and dark under eye circles. Obviously we recommend that you try to get enough sleep, but if that's not possible, these puffy eye remedies will do the trick!

5 Best Puffy Eye Remedies – Recipes

#1. Potato Cucumber Ice Cubes

cucumber ice cubes

These potato cucumber ice cubes work amazingly to reduce puffy eyes, dark circles, and even eliminate dark spots and scars. Simply freeze potato juice, cucumber, and the juice of a lemon in ice cube trays. Before bed or every morning, apply a cube underneath the eyes and within minutes, puffy eyes will be gone!

#2. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are one of the best ways to get rid of puffy eyes. Simply slice up a fresh, ripe tomato and rub the slice underneath the eyes. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. Alternatively, you can also place tomato slices directly on your eyes, lay back, and let them do their work!

#3. Potato Slices


Just like tomatoes, potatoes also get rid of puffiness and impart much needed moisture. Juice one potato and using a cotton ball, apply the potato juice underneath the eyes. You can also place two thin slices of potato directly onto the eyes.

#4. Cucumbers

Sliced cucumber

This one's a no-brainer but it's always so underrated. Because cucumbers contain so much water, they're a great way to moisturize dry, dehydrated skin. Apply cucumber slices directly onto the eyes for 10-15 minutes. The water from the cucumbers will seep into the skin, plumping up the area.

#5. Watermelon Juice


Juice some watermelon and use a cotton ball to apply the juice underneath the eyes. Watermelon juice is one of the most water-packed fruits you can use and they'll de-puff tired eyes in just minutes!

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Puff Eye Remedies

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