How to Cure Paper Cuts and Scrapes With These 3 Tips

By Jenni / November 5, 2018

They may not seem like a big deal but paper cuts, scrapes, and other small tears in our skin can cause many problems. They can inhibit us from doing work or things around the house, and they can get easily infected. We always want to prevent any harm that can be done to such useful and important body parts like our hands, arms and legs. Learn how to cure paper cuts and scrapes with these 3 simple tips and tricks!

How to Cure Paper Cuts and Scrapes Quickly

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#1. Be Careful

Commonly found in the office, kitchen and playground, scrapes and cuts are really no fun at all. Keeping a close eye on how we chop our foods or file our folders can have a great advantage. Kids are usually the most susceptible to the seemingly unimportant jams, which brings us to our next category, cleanliness.

#2. Keeping it Clean

As much as you try to prevent them, the uncomfortable, burning sensation will appear every once and a while and it is important to disinfect and use a bit of coverage. Your best bet would be to thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize the area. Once all disinfected, apply a curing cream such as Neosporin (can be found at local drug store) or, if you're looking for a more natural fix, an oil that promotes cell growth  and is anti-bacterial such as coconut oil. Remember to cover with  a band aid for your most active part of the day and allow the cut or scrape to breath at night or early morning.

Skin Strength

Although impossible to completely avoid, there are ways to prevent yourself from getting these micro-cuts often. Staying moisturized with lotions and oils can really help the skin stay elastic and strong. Eating right also has many benefits for  skin protection as it provides the body with the proper nutrients to help fight off infections and build a strong outer layer.

Remember not to take your fingers for granted and to keep them in check! Bad infections can lead to spreading of the infection to more sensitive parts of the body such as the eyes or face and cause a whole bunch of different complications.

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How to Cure Paper Cuts

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