Lighten Your Skin the Natural Way

By Aniela / January 8, 2009

Wanna know how to lighten your skin the natural way? We'll show you how! The older we get, the more damage our skin takes. Dark spots, freckles and tons and tons of skin-damage are all things we'll have to deal with at one point or another. If you haven't already seen the dire effects, you will soon. Read on to get some natural skin whitening tips that might be useful once those dark spots and freckles appear.

Lighten Your Skin the Natural Way

Use SunblockSun Screen Girl

Using sunblock is the most preventive way against skin damage. Make sure you use at least an SPF 15 and apply it every morning after you wash your face, even if it's winter – the sun's still out! Sunblock not only prevents skin from darkening, but also blocks harmful UV rays that cause melanoma and severe skin damage. Also, don't forget to apply sunblock to your hands as they are a prime area for age spots.


Exfoliating is extremely important for your skin as it gets rid of dead skin cells that are piling up on you. Eliminating these dead skin cells will leave you with a brighter, clearer complexion and will also prevent breakouts. Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and two tablespoons of brown sugar with a quarter cup of milk, stirring until a paste forms. Massage it onto your face, rinse, and moisturize.

Put on a Maskface mask

Putting a mask on once a week will ensure that your skin gets cleansed properly, which will help prevent the appearance of dark spots. Make your own mask or just go to the drug store and pick one out that best suits your needs. If your skin is super dry for example, get a hydrating mask that will leave your skin super moisturized and silky.

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