Pores are just a big pain, to everyone. The problem is that if you don’t treat them the right way, they will become enlarged and look even worse. Coupled with dry skin, it will make matters very unpleasant.

Fortunately, there are products out there that can minimize your pores, including makeup, which will not get rid of them, but will at least give the illusion of smaller pores.


First off, you need to use a good exfoliant. The grains in this face wash will help minimize the pores because it will polish off the dry, dead skin that causes the pores in the first place. Make sure you don’t overuse the exfoliator, as it can damage the skin if you’re too rough or you use it too often.

Get a Facialmassage-facial

Facials are another thing that can minimize/get rid of your pores. One of the most important things to look for before going for a facial, is a good facialist. Make sure you get someone who’s been in the field for a while and knows what she is doing. Facials are not only soothing and relaxing, but they treat your skin of whiteheads, blackheads, pores, pimples, and pretty much everything else that is bothering you!

Alpha and Beta Acids

These acids exfoliate your skin to prevent dead skin cells from building up and clogging your pores. Look for products that contain salicylic acid. It will fight the sebum-packed pore, exfoliating the dead skin cells built up inside.

Makeup Fixes

You can also minimize the appearance of your pores with a little bit of makeup. First off, you must lay off the foundation. Foundation will only make your pores look larger than they actually are. Instead, apply a blotting powder to the areas where your pores are most enlarged. The powder will diffuse the look of the pores, giving you a clean, matte look.

Use a Pore Perfecting Cream

Find a good gel or cream aimed directly at minimizing the appearance of pores. Apply the product over the area that needs it. Let the gel/cream set for a little bit, and apply a powder over it.