Would You Pay $250 For a Spermine Facial?

By Aniela / September 29, 2009

Would you pay $250 for a spermine facial? Yes, you read the title right…this is definitely NOT a joke. I was browsing through Cosmo when I saw an interesting article that talked about sperm facials and how you can get one. And no, I'm not talking about sperm facials in the sexual way, but in the beauty facial way that you can actually get at the salon.

Would You Pay $250 For a Spermine Facial?

Spermine Facial

So how the hell does this actually work? Well, I've never actually tried it myself, but I did look into it quite a bit since it struck me as fascinating. Apparently, these sperm facials will cut you back around $250 and they last about an hour…10 minutes of which you sit with the facial on. So, is it worth it?

According to thousands of people that have tried it and the brave Cosmo girl, it is! Sperm contains a powerful ingredient called spermine which supposedly slows down the aging process and also helps with acne. As crazy and disgusting as it may sound, it actually works.

After the treatment, your skin actually feels very smooth and moisturized, and within a few days, you can start to see clearer skin as acne and trouble spots disappear. But, would you actually pay $250 for a sperm facial? And if so, would it weird you out or would you be comfortable with it?

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