Get Curvy Cupid Lips

There is nothing sexier than a pair of curvy, cupid lips. It’s romantic, sexy, and sensual which is all perfect for Valentine’s Day! So how can you get luscious, curvy, cupid lips? Follow these tips to find out!

The most provocative part of your pucker is obviously the cupid’s bow: that sexy little dip in your upper lip. Playing up this part makes your whole mouth seem wider.

To get this look, sculpt the edges with a pinkish liner, and fill in your lips with a pinkish-beige color. You’re almost done!

Finish off your cupid lips with a shimmery gloss to add a subtle glisten. Now you can hit the town with gorgeous, unforgettable lips! sexy lips

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3 thoughts on “Get Curvy Cupid Lips

  1. shanice

    mine r fat and have a ittle dip but there not sometimes peeps tell me there’re sassy but still mine r nowhere near those

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