13 Of The Best Beauty Hacks On The Internet

By Aniela / September 6, 2016

These next beauty hacks aren't your regular hacks: they are literally THE best beauty hacks we found on the Internet! From Twitter, to Facebook, and Instagram, we've compiled 13 of the best beauty hacks on the Internet.


13 Of The Best Beauty Hacks Online

#1. Use a Sock Instead of a Beauty Blender


I find beauty blenders to be completely overpriced, and according to quite a few people, a sock works just as well if not better! Simply roll a CLEAN sock into a ball and use it to blend foundation or blush (just like you would with a beauty blender!)

#2. Cover Grey Hair With Mascara


Grab a cheap mascara that matches your hair color and swipe to cover grey hairs. It's cheaper than dying your hair, and also much healthier for your locks. Of course, this is just a temporary fix, but the less chemicals your hair absorbs, the better!

#3. Garlic For Strong Nails


Peel a garlic clove and rub it on your nails. Garlic contains properties which makes your nails super strong! Leave on for 20 minutes, and wash off. Do this as often as you'd like and you'll soon start noticing results!

#4. Vaseline and Mascara Wand For Lip Scrub

vaseline mascara wand

Grab a clean, unused mascara wand, dip it into a little bit of Vaseline and use as a lip scrub. The bristles on the wand slough off dead skin cells, while the Vaseline moisturizes.

#5. Spray Perfume Right After Your Shower


Apparently the BEST time to apply perfume is right after you dry off from the shower – the scent will last ALL day!

#6. Use a Wooden Pencil To Create Curls

wooden pencil to create curls

Don't have a curling iron? No problem! Wrap your hair around a wooden pencil, and run your straightener across to create beautiful curls and waves.

#7. Renew Mascara With Contact Solution

contact solution

Mascara starting to dry up? Just add a drop or two of contact solution into the mascara and voila – like new! Just make sure your mascara is no older than 6 months. After 6 months, toss it out!

#8. DIY Nail Polish Remover

lemon and vinegar

Ran out of nail polish remover? Mix equal parts lemon juice with equal parts vinegar to create your very own nail polish remover.

#9. Vaseline For Thicker Eyelashes


Apply a very small amount of Vaseline to your lashes to INSTANTLY thicken them up! Works like magic!

#10. Get Every Last Bit of Concealer


Don't let those last few drops of concealer get away from you! Dip your concealer in a bowl of warm water for 30 seconds and voila – get the rest out!

#11. Get Lipstick Stains Out

lipstick stain

Wet a clean cloth, spray on some hairspray, and rub onto the affected lipstick area. Watch as it comes out like magic!

#12. Run Wet Nails Under Water to Dry Them Faster

wet nails under cold water

After you've applied your nail polish, place your hands under cold water and they'll dry so much faster!

#13. Store Beauty Blenders in Easter Eggs

plastic easter eggs

Those plastic Easter eggs make the perfect storage for your beauty blender and keeps it clean!

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