How to Determine Your Face Shape

How to Determine Your Face Shape

By Aniela M / March 24, 2008

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Almost everything you read in a magazine or anywhere else, asks you to determine your face shape in order to determine which hair style looks good on you, which colors, etc. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out my face shape no matter how hard I tried! I wasn't sure if it was oval or diamond shaped, so I decided to figure out exactly what each face shape entitled. So here is a little glossary on how to determine your face shape.

How to Determine Your Face Shape


Oval Face Shape

oval face shape

Curvilinear shape. Length is equal to one and a half times width, with forehead and jaw the same width. So think of the oval face shape as an egg.

Round face shape

round face shape
Circular shaped. Length is approx equal to width.

Oblong face shape

oblong face shape
Face is longer than it is wide with a long straight cheek line.

Square face shape

square face shape
Strong and broad forehead with angular jaw.

Heart face shape

heart face shape
Wide at the forehead and cheekbones, narrow at the jawline.

Diamond face shape

diamond face shape
Forehead and jawline are narrow with wide and high cheekbones.

Triangular face shape

triangular face shape
Forehead and cheekbones are narrow with a wide jawline.

So now that you know which face shape you have, you can go out and choose a hairstyle based on that shape, the right type of eyebrows to sport, and much more!

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Thanks but I’m not sure I agree with the photo for Triangular. Her face looks more square to me.


I think that the way you can determine their face shape is by looking at the cheekbones forehead and cheeks


gosh, this cant help me. im pretty stupid when it comes to determining my own features… i think mine is some weird mix with round and heart. ha


Mine is square.


um im not sure whats mine, i’ve always thought it was oval
but now its either a heart or a diamond x]

Hannah Y.

I have an oval face shape, just need to know what eybrow shape would siut me best then i’m good to go 🙂


Definitely heart shaped.

Thanks =]


mine is in between oval and round.


And mine is between oval and heart shaped. I wish we could upload our photo and have a free generated software automatically detect it.


it’s weird; my face doesn’t seem to fit into either one of these categories. My cheekbones and jawline have the exact same width (I just measured). The width of these is much wider than my forehead. So Im kinda confused here…


I have an oval face shape, but the hint of cheekbones, lie under the fact that I have natural shadows under my cheekbones, which happen to be start at my temples before their apples stop just under my eyes (Or near them) but they don’t protrude. Front on, you can see them, but not as a much as when I hold my face at a certain angle.


i just wanted to leave a comment. i dont have a face shape. chealsi said it was diamond. now my chin is swollen. so i dont know nowww


I think I’m a heart or circle. Hmm… Maybe a circle and heart mixed lol


I think I’m either oval or round. I”m still not sure.


one way to figure out what face shape you are is to get some one too draw the out line of your face in the mirror 😀

I think mines a cross between a circle and a square.. is that possible?

I ain’t sure which face shape I’ve got.Maybe it’s diamond or heart.But anyway,thanx.That helped!!


I’m soooo confused! I don’t know if I’m oval or oblong… *sigh*


If you’re confused, the four MAIN face shapes is oval, heart, square, and round.


Mine is oval 😛


My face literally looks like those one weird parentheses.. you know, the { } things! How do I classify THAT? I’ll just call my face the “weird parentheses shape” {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}