Get The Perfect Eyebrows

By Aniela / March 13, 2008

Eyebrows can make you or break you, it's as simple as that ladies. Sometimes they look amazing for no apparent reasons, while other times they resemble the impact of a car crash: it's terrible you know, but you just can't stop looking! So whether the problem is over-tweezing, not tweezing enough, or just tweezing the wrong way, your eyebrows will come out with a weird comma or those nasty sperm shapes and will completely ruin your look! Eyebrows make a huge difference for your face and you can go from blah to dazzling in just a few minutes with the right tips for getting those perfect eyebrows.

Get The Perfect Eyebrows

If You Have Uneven, Patchy Eyebrows…

Your problem lies in the way you tweeze, obviously. Patchy brows are just uneven and need a more consistent shape. So how do you get it? You need to bring a little definition to your brows. So go get a magnifying mirror and analyze your brows. See where they need a little more definition. If the base of your brows are bushy, start plucking in order to thin out that base to reveal a sexy, curved arch. Clean up the edges, and make sure to remove all strays that are a half-inch beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Cover up any gaps by applying a tiny bit of brown eyeshadow or powder. And now, you have beautiful, perfectly shaped and defined brows!

If Your Brows Are Overplucked

If you're one of those that just can't get enough plucking, it is time to stop, seriously. You'll end up with nothing woman! Your eyebrows probably look skinny and unbalanced. Fix this problem by using a good brow pencil and filling in any gaps that you might see. Remember to even out both of them, in order to create the illusion of symmetry. Stroke a little bit of brow powder to minimize any bald spots. If you just can't wait for new hair to grow in, you can also try a growth-enhancing gel. Fuller brows will complement your face as well as slim it down, trust me.

If Your Brows Are Overgrown…

If you're one of those that doesn't even own a pair of tweezers, then we need to talk! Bushy brows can take over your face! So start by trimming above and below the brow bone in order to get rid of that extra hair that's been sitting there. Then pluck below the arch to define the shape. Keep the hair in place by using a little bit of clear mascara, it really works! Now that your overgrown eyebrows are nice and trimmed, your cheekbones will stand out a lot more!

If Your Brows Slope Down…

Eyebrows that slope downward are usually untouched and allll natural. Well you need to do something about that and fast! Start by combing your brows downward and trimming any hairs that fell below the arch. This is basically the biggest problem, and you've just eliminated it! Enhance the brows' definition by tweezing underneath the highest points of the arches, which added much lift. Continue by applying a highlighter under the brow bone to brithten up her eye area.

If Your Brows Are Sparse…

People with sparse eyebrows usually have slight, straight-across eyebrows. Well, that's pretty boring and it just doesn't do justice for your face! Start by finding your perfect arch by lining up a pencil with the outer edge of your iris and marking that spot. You must do this for each brow as they are not identical. Finish off by brushing on some pomade. You can now rest easy and enjoy your newly sculpted brows.

If Your Brows Are Hooked…

Hooked eyebrows are arches that hook too close to the inner corner of the eyes. Quickly fix this problem by tweezing a straight line from the base of your brows up to the arches. This is they key top opening up your face. Use a kohl pencil to smooth out the overall shape of your brows.

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15 years ago

Any suggestions on growth-enhancing gel for eyebrows? In desperate need of one!

15 years ago

its true last year I had eyebrows that were blonde and nobody could see them I had one chic walk up to me and ask me where my eyebrows were
I had them plucked and they came back darker this year and nobody asks me where my eyebrows r