20 Beauty Uses For Baby Oil

By Aniela / February 1, 2017

If you've never picked up a bottle of baby oil (even if you don't have a baby!), you're missing out! These 20 beauty uses for baby oil will show you just how versatile it is, and why you seriously need to get some asap! I never tried it until a few months ago when a friend recommended it to me, but since then, I've saved SO much money, basically cutting out 10 beauty products that I would throw my money on!  Baby oil is also super moisturizing, so anytime you use it on your skin you'll reap the benefits of its moisturizing properties!

20 Baby Oil Uses:

#1. Eye Makeup Remover

Works better than any eye makeup remover! Just apply some to a cotton ball and swipe away!

#2. As a Massage Oil

Nothing feels as good and as silky as baby oil instead of regular massage oil!

#3. Cuticle Oil

Applying baby oil to your cuticles will soften them so that you're able to remove them!

#4. As a Shaving Oil

Shaving your legs with baby oil will give you silky smooth skin, just be careful not to slip!

#5. After Shave Moisturizer

After you shave your legs, apply baby oil onto wet skin. It will absorb super quickly and leave your legs extra smooth!

#6. Body Lotion

Add a couple of drops of baby oil into your lotion for super shiny, glowing skin!

#7. Face Scrub

Apply baby oil to face and massage is slow, circular motions. Then, apply a tsp of brown sugar onto face and exfoliate. The combination of the baby oil and the sugar make the perfect face scrub!

#8. To Remove Paint

If you got some paint stuck on your skin, baby oil will remove that right away!

#9. To Protect Skin

Rub it onto your skin before heading out into the cold. Baby oil will keep your skin from cracking and chapping!

#10. To Remove Stickiness

If you have any stickiness on your skin from bandaids, bubblegum, what have you, simply rub some on and it will come right off!

#11. Cracked Heels

Apply baby oil to cracked heels and slip on a pair of socks. Leave on overnight and feel the silkiest of heels!

#12. Ear Wax

Pour about 5 drops into your ear as you lay on the side to remove ear wax.

#13. Remove Temporary Tattoos

Rub baby oil onto skin to remove temporary tattoos – works super fast!

#14. Hair Serum

Rub a drop or two of baby oil into your palms and rub through hair. It will tame frizzy hair and give it a beautiful shine.

#15. As a Highlighter

Apply to the cheekbones and brow bones as a highlighter. It actually stays on all day and it will also moisturize the skin!

#16. Mix With Foundation

One of my favorite things to do with baby oil is to mix it with my foundation. Just add a couple of drops and shake well. Your foundation will now give you a beautiful glow!

#17. Brow Tamer

Use a brow brush and add a drop or two of baby oil onto it to tame frizzy brows.

#18. Bubble Bath

Add a few drops of baby oil to your bubble bath for some intense moisturizing!

#19. To Detangle Tangled Jewelry

Rub some baby oil onto your palms and apply to the stuck jewelry chaos you've got going on there! It will all de-tangle like magic!

#20. Stretch Marks

Mix a few drops into your coco butter to remove stretch marks

How great is baby oil?! Get yourself a bottle and see the difference!

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Beauty Uses For Baby Oil

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