3 Amazing Water Remedies

By Aniela / February 8, 2017

If you haven't yet tried these 3 amazing water remedies, you should get on it immediately! Water quenches dryness and adds moisture, but when you add a little something extra to that water, it can do wonders for not only your skin, but your overall health! Water remedies have been used for thousands of years by many native people, and even today, people swear by their healing powers. Today we'll be looking at 3 of the best water remedies: rose water, cucumber water, and rice water. All three of these have the healing powers to nourish parched skin, get rid of acne and spots, and soothe sensitive skin.

Best Water Remedies

#1. Rose Water Remedy


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Rose water has been used for ages and ages as the ultimate beauty regimen. It controls and helps maintain the skin's pH balance as well as excess oil. On top of that, it also has inflammatory properties which are great for acne, irritated skin, dermatitis and eczema. Rose water is not only great when applied to the skin, but it also does wonders for your hair! Simply rinse your hair with rose water to get super shiny, super soft hair. Learn how to make your own rosewater.

#2. Cucumber Water

cucumber water

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Cucumber water is an extremely refreshing remedy that can be used on any skin type. It will purify the skin, get rid of dark spots and under eye circles, and also cleanse deeply. Because it contains a ton of antioxidants, cucumber water can also help prevent wrinkles and acne. Simply add a few cucumber slices to a bottle of water and let it sit (refrigerated) for a few hours.

#3. Rice Water

rice water

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Rice water, a Japanese anti-aging treatment, can work some seriously miracles, especially on aging skin! Rinse your face with rice water every day or every other day for timeless skin, or you can also rinse your hair with it for healthy, shiny hair.

So which one of these water remedies have you tried or will you try? We've tried and tested them all for you, and there isn't one we DON'T like! The easiest one to make is cucumber water, but once you've tried rosewater and rice water, it will be hard to go back to regular water…trust us!

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Water Remedies

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