7 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal

By Aniela / February 8, 2017

Today we'll be showing you 7 ways to use activated charcoal for your skin and hair.. Activated charcoal isn't only to detoxify and energize, it's also amazing at treating skin and hair problems. Charcoal isn't just great for your grill – its amazing detoxifying properties work wonders on both hair and skin. These days, people use activated charcoal as a way to detoxify, adding some into their smoothies or meals, but it's got so much more potential! The results after using activated charcoal are truly amazing, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't experience amazing results!

How to Use Activated Charcoal

How it works:

Activated charcoal works by attracting toxins to it. So whatever toxins may lay in your body, on your skin, or in your hair, the charcoal works kind of like a magnet to pull out toxins and reveal a healthier you! Whether you use it internally or externally, charcoal can deliver a slew of benefits so you'll want to keep using it again and again!

#1. Reduce Pores Size

Because we are constantly exposed to environmental pollution, those toxins can burrow deep into our pores, making our skin less than stellar. Using a charcoal activated mask can pull out those toxins, therefore cleansing pores and reducing their size.

#2. Reduce Oil

Have oily skin or hair? A charcoal infused cleanser or shampoo will literally pull the oil away. Use sparingly, about once or twice a week as you don't want dry skin or hair.

#3. Treat Acne

Activated charcoal masks and cleansers are AMAZING at treating acne. Because they pull dirt and toxins away, these cleansers will leave you with clear skin, fast!

#4. Deep Clean

activated charcoal pucks

Nothing says deep cleaning like activated charcoal! Activated charcoal will penetrate deep into the pores to give your skin a much needed deep cleaning. It will remove toxins, blackheads, and any dirt or debris. You can use a deep cleaning activated charcoal cleanser 1-2 times a week.

#5. Heal and Soothe Bites

Applying a charcoal activated cream to bites and/or cuts can cure said ailment in half the time of regular creams. Also works amazingly for big bites!

#6. Rid Hair of Toxins

Activated charcoal shampoos are all the rage right now because they can rid your hair of all toxins in a very quick and efficient way. Ridding the hair of toxins will make it much stronger and less likely to breakage. Activated charcoal also reduces the amount of split ends and makes hair softer.

#7. Add Volume

Using activated charcoal shampoo can also add volume to limp hair as it's an excellent oil remover. Not only that, but it will also cure an itchy scalp, and make your hair much more manageable.

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ways to use activated charcoal

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