Invigorating Bath Salt

By Aniela / September 26, 2007

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than taking a day off to pamper yourself. Soaking in a warm tub full of luxurious salts and bubbles, using all the best products, and just relaxing…there really isn't anything better.

So why not make your own invigorating bath salt? Perfect for a hot summer day, or just when you want to relax, this concoction will have your head spinning with relaxation.

Make an infusion by pouring 4 cups boiling water over 2 cups fresh peppermint (or any variety of mint) leaves and stems.

Cover the mixture, steep it until it's cool and strain it. To strained infusion add 1 teaspoon jojoba oil, 1 drop essential oil of peppermint, 5 drops essential oil of tangerine, 2 drops essential oil of neroli and 2 drops essential oil of petit grain. Add this peppermint infusion to warm bathwater to feel refreshed and renewed. bubble bath

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14 years ago

Hey i love this recipe it really works great. Perfect for those days when you just feel like being lazy for once and want to relax.