Christina Aguilera: Fashion Disaster

By Aniela / September 27, 2007

I haven't always been a big Christina fan, and I'm still not one today. Although I must admit her voice is spectacular, she's just a little over the top for me.

I know she's trying to go for the whole Madonna/ Gwen Stefani classic blonde hair, bright red lipstick, pale skin look, but she actually looks like she's dead!

Her outfit is completely ridiculous. Red jogging pants with a long grey fitted top and some sort of poncho. And the outfit isn't the worst part of this: her makeup is horrendous.

You must stop with the bright red lipstick unless you're wearing a sexy cocktail dress– it doesn't work with the casual look! christina aguilera

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15 years ago

I like the scarf looks great but her makeup and hair is what is throwing her whole outfit off other thant that think her fashion statement would be fine