Make Your Own Cranberry Lip Gloss

By Aniela / October 21, 2009

Today we're gonna learn how to make your own cranberry lip gloss! There's nothing funner for me than getting a bunch of my girlfriends together and whipping up fast and easy homemade beauty recipes. We do everything from crazy face masks, to nail polishes, to moisturizers, etc. And, since my last “make your own lipgloss” post seemed to generate so much buzz, I though I'd give you guys another yummy lipgloss recipe, and this time it's delicious cranberry! Here's how to!

Make Your Own Cranberry Lip Gloss


Step 1

Take 1 tablespoon almond oil, 10 fresh cranberries, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon petroleum jelly (optional – for more shine).

Step 2

Mix together all ingredients and place in a microwave or heat-resistant container. Heat in the microwave or a water bath until the mixture just begins to boil (1-2 minutes in the microwave). Stir well and gently mash the berries. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve to remove all pieces of cranberry. Stir and allow to cool completely. When cool, spoon into a clean container.

Make Your Own Cranberry LipGloss

This cranberry lip gloss smells SO good, you'll seriously be addicted to it! Apply the lip gloss whenever your lips feel chapped to soothe and repair them.

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14 years ago

Hiya just wondering if you can replace the cranberries with anything else such as strawberries or apple etc

14 years ago

Cranberries have a stronger colour.

14 years ago

wooow I want to try this !!!

14 years ago

I have to ask my dad what a sieve is, but im so gonna try this. one question: do you drain it over another bowl? because i dont want to drain it and then something happens ha ha.

14 years ago

is almond oil the same as almont flavoured essence?

13 years ago

how about beets??? Its a good stain you think it will work? do they expire?

13 years ago

Awesome, i am soooo gonna try this, and yeah, CAN you use a different berry, or will it just expire?

13 years ago

oh yeah, is it okay if we just put like juice or something or no berries?

13 years ago

oh yeah, can we substitute almond oil with another oil, like olive?

12 years ago

Me and my sister were making some and she spilled. That stains never coming out……