10 Modern Halloween Costumes

By Aniela / October 16, 2009

These 10 modern Halloween costumes will blow your mind! Halloween is a time of dressup and fun, and every year, I find myself buying yet another expensive, but cheaply made costume that I never wear again. This year, while contemplating how to dress up, I realized that I didn`t really want to spend a ton of dough on yet another bad costume. Thankfully, Cosmo put out 10 of their best Halloween costume ideas and we think that you may not even have to go out and buy anything to pull off these costumes!

10 Modern Halloween Costumes

#1.Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Kanye West and Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes

Possibly one of the biggest celebrity blunders this year was Kanye West's outburst at the VMAs, so why not take advantage of it and have your beau dress us up Kanye, while you play the part of lovely Taylor? All he'll need is a pair of jeans, a black button-up shirt, and a pair of those “miniblind” sunglasses. To play Taylor, wear a pretty ball gown, curl your strands, add some sparkling jewelry and, if you can, find a prop Moon Man as your award.

#2. Beyonce in Single Ladies

Beyonce Single Ladies Halloween Costume

By now, you must have undoubtedly seen Beyonce's Single Ladies video and are aware of her outfits. Pull this off with two other girlfriends, or 2 guys even (that would make it super funny). Wear a black or a black and white leotard, pantyhose, and a pair of heels. Don't forget to bust out the moves once the song comes on.

#3. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't wanna be super-bitchy Blair Waldorf? The question is…will your boyfriend be up to wearing a nice suit? If so, all you need to do is wear a knock-off designer dress (not a real one…it's still just Halloween after all), some pearls, and of course, the headband. Don't forget to gel your guy's hair back!

#4. Mad Men

Mad Men Halloween Costume

If you're a fan of the show Mad Men, then you know it's all about the glamorous early 60s. Find a low hemline dress…thrift stores are a great option. Throw on a pair of long gloves, curl your hair, and add some pearls. Your guy can don a classy brown suit.

#5. The Hangover Guys

Hangover Guys Halloween Costume

If your guy and his buddies need some Halloween costume ideas, this is the perfect one right here. By now I'm sure you've all seen the movie The Hangover, and there really is nothing funnier than the 3 guys. Zach/Alan's character will need a beard and a baby, Brad/Phil's character should be looking sharp in a button-down, and Ed/Stu's character needs to make sure to black out a tooth.

#6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

If you really wanna turn some heads this Halloween, there is no better way to go than with Lady Gaga. Choose from many of her outrageous outfits, but just be sure to don a blonde, curly wig and add some huge square-shaped sunglasses to complete the look.

#7. New Moon Characters

New Moon Characters Halloween Costume

It's definitely been a vampire's year, especially with so many new shows and movies about vampires, so it's only natural that you dress up like one, right? To get this look, dress all in black, put a pair of fangs in, whiten your complexion, and mess up your hair. So easy!

#8. Bollywood Dancers

Bollywood Dancers Halloween Costume

I love this costume idea because it can be done alone or with a group of girlfriends. Inspired by Slumdog Millionaire and PCD's Jai Ho video, these costumes are a little harder to pull off but well worth it. Make sure your costume has tons of colors, lots of gold bling, and some midriff showing.

#9. Kardashian Sisters

Kardashian Sisters Halloween Costume

Whether you love em or hate em, the Kardashian sisters are pretty much everywhere, so why not take advantage of this great costume idea? Grab two friends and assign a big diamond ring to the Khloe, fake a baby bump for the Kourtney, and try out a butt pad for the Kim.

#10. Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird Halloween Costume

As stupid as this may sound, the Twitter bird costume would actually be pretty funny. Instead of going out and buying a blue bird costume, go to a craft's store and buy some blue feathers. Stick them to a cheap blue dress, put on a yellow beak and yellow tights and you're all set!

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quanto mi dispiace perk nn ho fatto nnt di halloween vabe sarà per l’anno prossimo