10 Accessories To Keep You Warm This Winter

By Aniela / December 8, 2008

Here are 10 accessories to keep you warm this winter. When winter comes you know you need to stock up on your essentials such as a coat and boots but there are other things that you absolutely must have not only to keep warm but to look cute too! So here are my top 10 accessories to keep you warm this winter!

10 Accessories To Keep You Warm This Winter

A cute pair of socks

Having a cute pair of socks is always fun, especially the hand-knit ones since they're super warm and comfy. cute socks

A pair of cashmere gloves

Cashmere gloves are super soft and super cute. So pick up a colorful pair such as pink or blue. Choose from full-finger to finger-less! pink cashmere gloves

A pair of over-the-knee boots

If there's one thing you gotta have this winter season it's a pair of over-the-knee suede boots. Not only do they keep your legs warm but they also look extremely cute! over-the-knee boots

An all-cotton knit sweater

We all need sweaters during this season, but an all-cotton knit sweater is really all you need. They're so warm and comfy, you won't wanna take them off! cotton-knit sweater

An adorable hat

You know when you were a kid, no one could get you to wear a hat but now hats have become fashion statements. So before you brave the snow storms out there, equip your precious little head with a cute knit hat. knit hat

A cute scarf

So now that you've got the hat, you need a cute scarf to go along with it! Choose something bright and colorful, especially if you're wearing all dark colors!cute scarf

A pair of warm pjs

Pajamas are always a must-have, especially during the winter. And you can find so many cute ones these days, it's actually hard to make a choice! cute pjs

Toasty knee-highs

You can never really have too many knee-highs. Not only are they warm and comfy, but they're also so adorable!knee-high socks

A cute poncho

I absolutely love ponchos and I think that everyone should have at least one because they look great on everyone and they're super warm too! wool poncho

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14 years ago

where over-the-knee boots bought? They were very cute!