15+ Summer Maxi Dresses You’ll Wanna Wear ASAP

By Aniela / June 30, 2017

Maxi dresses are seriously underrated! They're light, airy, comfortable, and they look amazing on all body types! And with most maxi dresses, you don't even have to worry about whether your legs are shaved or not! So why aren't more people wearing them? We're here to change that! Take a look at these summer maxi dresses and get ready to run out to your nearest mall! We guarantee you'll wanna have 2-3 in your closet at all times! Maxi dresses are the perfect summer outfit because they're so easy to dress up or dress down, and perfect for any occasion. We've compiled some of our favorite maxi dresses below, but we haven't left out the maxi skirt – after all, the maxi skirt is the maxi dress' cousin!

Summer Maxi Dresses

#1.  Floral Maxi Dress

floral maxi dress

#2. Ruffled Maxi Dress

ruffled maxi dress

#3. Loose Maxi Dress

loose maxi dress

#4. Off the shoulder maxi dress

off the shoulder maxi dress

#5. Long Slit Maxi Dress

long slit maxi dress

#6. Bridal maxi dress

bridal maxi dress

#7. High slit maxi

slited maxi dress

#8. Boho maxi dress

boho maxi dress

#9. Slinky maxi dress

slinky maxi dres

#10. Backless maxi dress

backless maxi dress

#11. Off the shoulder maxi

off the shoulder maxi

#12. High slit maxi dress

high slit maxi dress

#13. Off the shoulder floral maxi

off the shoulder floral maxi

#14. Tribal print maxi dress

tribal maxi dress

#15. Mustard yellow maxi skirt

mustard yellow maxi skirt

#16. Cotton Maxi Dress

cotton maxi dress

#17. Butterfly print maxi dress

butterfly print maxi dress

Images Via: Outfitshunter

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