17 Genius Closet Organizing Hacks You’ll Love


If you’re a neat freak, you’re going to love these 17 closet organizing hacks! If you’re not a neat freak, you should totally take a look at these closet organizing hacks and be on your way to being organized. After all, an organized closet means an organized life! These genius hacks were taken from all over the Interwebs, so let’s give a thanks to the genius minds that came up with these ways to make our lives easier! Whether you don’t have enough closet space or you’re just a messy individual, these closet organizing DIYs will address every issue! Plus, you don’t have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on any of these projects: they focus on recycling and simple DIYs that most anyone can make!

17 Genius Closet Organizing Hacks

#1. Linen Organization

#2. Closet Door Shelf

closet door shelf

Source: Ana-White

#3. No Slip Hangers

no slip hangers

Source: InMyOwnStyle

#4. DIY Flip Flop Hangers

flip flop organization

Source: Epbot

#5. DIY Belt Hanger

#6. Cardboard Drawer Dividers

#7. Sleek Hanging Rods

#8. Vintage Wire Baskets

vintage wire baskets

Source: TheDecorFix

#9. Days of the Week Closet Organizers

#10. PVC Pipe Organizers

pvc pipe scarf organizer

Source: BHG

#11. Handbag Holders


#13. Tie Hanger Tank Top Holder

#14. Scarf and Belt Organizer

#15. Organized Tie Rack

#16. Linen Closet Organization

#17. Hall Closet Organization

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Closet Organizing Hacks

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