24 Bikini Styles to Strut Your Stuff in This Summer

By Aniela / April 13, 2017

Summer is almost here, and that means it's bikini season time! These 24 bikini styles will get you in the perfect summer mood and will make you think of sipping pina coladas by the pool. This season, bikinis and swimsuits are pretty much a free for all! That means that you should wear whatever you're comfortable in and whatever compliments your body shape. One piece suits have been very trendy these past few seasons, and they're still at the top of the list!

We're also seeing a lot of cut-out bikinis, elaborate two pieces, halter top bikinis, and printed bikinis – the bikini styles are really endless! So browse through this beautiful collection of 24 bikini styles and see which one you'd love to rock out this summer!

24 Bikini Styles

#1. Printed Bow Bikini

bikini style

#2. One Piece Cut-Out Swimsuit

bikini style2

#3. Sexy Black Bikini

bikini style3

#4. Honeymoon Bikini

bikini style4

#5. Pink String Bikini

bikini style5

#6. White Bronze Bikini

bikini style6

#7. Sporty Bikini

bikini style7

#8. Bandeau Bikini

bikini style8

#9. High Waisted Leopard Print Bikini

bikini style9

#10. White and Navy Bikini

bikini style10

#11. Floral Frilly Bikini

bikini style11

#12. Two Piece Sport Bikini

bikini style12

#13. Navy Bikini

bikini style14

#14. Color Block One Piece Bikini

bikini style13

#15. Colorful Bikini

bikini style15

#16. Pink String Bikini

bikini style16

#17. Yellow Banded Bikini

bikini style17

#18. Salmon Banded Bikini


#19. Adorable Cut Out Bikini

bikini style19

#20. Black One Piece Halter

bikini styles

#21. Striped One Piece Bikini

bikini style21

#22. Peach String Bikini

bikini style22

#23. Red Nautical Bikini

bikini style23

#24. Coral One Shoulder Bikini

bikini style24

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Image Source: Styleestate

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