Alice in Wonderland Inspired Fashion

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Fashion

By Aniela M / March 4, 2010

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Looking for Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion? You've come to the right place! So to celebrate the new Alice in Wonderland movie that's coming out tomorrow in 3D, I thought I'd gather up some of my favorite Alice-inspired looks. First off, I should let you guys know that Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite movie since I was like 4, and it's still is! So you can imagine how excited I am not only about the movie, but also about all the incredibly amazing Alice-inspired items, including a little something special from Swarovski. So, I've compiled a few of my fave looks, so happy browsing:)

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Fashion

Alice-Inspired Swarovski

Who doesn't love Swarovski crystals? Especially when paired with Alice…I'm drooling!

The Blue Alice Dress

Totally wearable and undeniably cute, this is your perfect Alice-inspired dress. From Alice and Olivia.

Alice-Inspired Headband

This is such a cute headband from Forever21, that you could wear it at any time of the day and it'll ad an instant pop to your ensemble!

Nails Like Alice!

I just have to get my hands on this Alice in Wonderland OPI collection! Have any of you guys tried it out yet? Either way, the colors are totally wearable!

Alice Booties

These cute Oxford booties come in three different colors and are very versatile. Channel your inner Alice!

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