Cropped Jackets are Back!

By Aniela M / January 19, 2009

Are you as in love with cropped jackets as we are? We hope so! So I'm flipping through a bunch of magazines on a lazy Sunday morning and I start noticing a little trend: cropped motorcycle jackets on ever model! What gives? Ok, I get it, designers are running out of styles and ideas, and that's perfectly fine because the cropped motorcycle jacket is not too bad but I just don't wanna see it around for long!

Cropped Jackets are Back!

Almost every single celebrity/model and their mother were wearing cropped jackets and sure they look cute, but I just don't like them worn with cocktail dresses unless the jacket is a little more formal.

Other than that, they look cute with jeans and a tee, it's a perfect spring accessory. Cropped jackets for life!

cropped jacketcropped jacketcropped jacketcropped jacket

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12 years ago

SOUNDS COOL were can you get them huh

12 years ago

Oh they’re so cute! I can’t wait to wear them out on the street.