Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle

By Aniela / January 20, 2009

Looking for that perfect hairstyle? So are we! There's nothing I dread more than going to get my hair cut. I'm always scared that she'll either chop off too much or not enough. On top of that, I can never trust them to do a good job, especially if I'm always switching back and forth to different hairstylists. But even if you're a skeptical about a certain stylist, there are some things you can do to make sure you get the right kind of hairstyle for your hair. Here's how.

Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle

The first thing to take into consideration is your hair's texture (fine, medium-smooth, or coarse) as well as shape (straight, wavy or curly). Most people take face shape into consideration first and that's not the way to do it:  a face shape can suit a number of different styles so don't base it on that.

Find a picture with the hairstyle that you want and show it to your stylist. Even if the person in the picture has thicker hair than you or a different shape, a good stylist will know how to make that work to your advantage.

Think about what you want from your hairstyle. Whether it is manageability, something trendy but not so easy to maintain, you must take all of these things into consideration so you get what you ultimately need. Here is a little glossary of some haircut tips for different textures and shapes.

Coarse Haircoarse hair

Go for short, heavily textured cuts. This will help take the weight off your hair as well as give you more manageability to work with. Your hair will look much lighter and healthier.

Medium-Smooth Hairsmooth hair

You're in luck if you have this type of hair since almost any style will work for you. So find something that you really like and show a picture to your stylist; she should know what to do.

Fine Hairfine hair

Since fine hair is so hard to keep up, try a soft cut with soft lines. A geometric cut with strong lines will be very hard to keep up with on fine hair.

Curly Haircurly hair

If you have curly hair (not waves, but spirals), a cut that matches the unique natural shape of your curls is what will make your styling super-easy to do.

So have you found YOUR perfect hairstyle?

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15 years ago

THe girl with the curly hair is so pretty!!

14 years ago

ya she really does I wish I had her hair and face!

14 years ago

i know!
i wan hair like that!!

14 years ago

I’ve fine long hair and am sick of it. Any suggestions on what hairstyle should I get or how i should tie it up to get a new look?

13 years ago

hey i hav hair down to my shoulders and i alwayz ave it srtaight and i want to try some different hairstyles but i cant think of any . so i was wondering if someone could help me out if so please could you giv me a step by step quide how 2 do that hairstyles.

oh la la
13 years ago

I have brown hair a bit longer than my shoulders and thought i need a new hair cut,as i have dad this hair cu t 4 ages i wanted something short but not a bob.Could you please help me?

13 years ago

What about med-thick wavy hair? Many of my friends and I all have wavy hair…

13 years ago

Any suggestions for thick wavy hair. My hairstylist has thinned it but I would love to change my hairstyle. Thankz!!!

13 years ago

To ella: Try to put moose in your hair, moose will give your hair volume. I have straight hair but when I take moose in my hair and apply it in my hair by taking the bottom and smashing then with my hands. This gives it a nice wavy look without having to use heat. The moose I use is called Therma Fuse which is in a Orange bottle with a brown top. I hope that helped!!! 🙂

13 years ago

oh shit i was gonna answer some but u all hav too many questions!!

13 years ago

I guess my hair is medium and smooth but I want to have wavy hair like Amy Winehouse.

12 years ago

i have medium hair and its think it takes about a hour to straighten it and my curls fall any other ideas?

12 years ago

hey! i curently have hair down to my shoulder thats shorter in the back, kinda like a bob, and straight across layered bangs, i have many layers in my hair and recently got it cut. but i REALLY want shorter hair, i’ve had short hair most of my life and im just sick of the length, i have thick wavy hair and im not sure about the texture, it changes on weather or not is traightne it or just let it be sometimes it seems coarse but mostly it seems sleek. im willing to take any amount of styling time… Read more »

11 years ago

I have fine hair, but a very long oval shaped face which needs a lot of volume around it to make it look ok. I’ve heard that bangs are good for long faces, but with my fine hair it’s hard to keep it all in place. Any tips?

11 years ago

i have straight across blunt bangs and i wanna turn it to side bangs!! before school starts witch is in 6 days 🙁