Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball Gown – Exquisite!

By Aniela / January 21, 2009

So was it just me or did everyone else weep like a little girl last night on the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball show when President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took the floor and danced to Beyonce's rendition of ‘At Last'? Ok good, it wasn't just me then! And I must say for a first lady…Michelle's got some style! I posted the video below so you can see what I'm talking about – just beautiful!

Michelle and Barack Obama Inaugural Ball

Most first ladies don't have much sense of styles unless you're thinking back ions ago, but now things are changing…literally, and so is the way a first lady should dress. Now granted, I wouldn't really wear any of that stuff (it's too conservative and proper :)) but then again I'm not first lady.

But I must say Michelle Obama's ball gown last night left we speechless. She looked absolutely beautiful and when they danced together I couldn't think of anything less but a bride and groom on their wedding day. The ball gown fitted her like a glove and brought out all her assets, leaving out the bad ones.

The Jason Wu designed gown featured beautiful white chiffon with tiny decorative flowers spread out and an asymmetrical one shoulder. President Barack Obama wore a black tux with a white bow tie that complimented Michelle's dress exquisitely.

Basically, I can't stop thinking about how beautiful they looked; it was a real-life, live on television, fairy tale for the entire Obama family and I cannot wait to see some changes!

Michelle Obama Gown Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball Gown

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Michelle Borden
15 years ago

I LOVE MICHELLE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!! 1 thing I love about michelle is we have the same name!!!! I loved sasha’s outfit the other night it was sooo cute!!!!!!!!!

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