Fergie’s Neon Sandals: Hit or Miss?

By Aniela / March 19, 2009

So I admit that I'm not a huge Fergie fan, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to put down her outfit because of that. When I first saw this picture, I thought…wow, okay, Fergie has taken her outfits down a notch. I couldn't believe what a simple dress she had chosen…until I scrolled down and saw her shoes.

Fergie's Neon Sandals: Hit or Miss?

Fergie Fashion

Now I know that being a celebrity, gives these people the right to try new things and experiment with fashion…but sometimes it's just a little too much. They need to step back, take a good look at themselves in the mirror and assess the outfit one more time before leaving the house.

Like I said, I actually really love her dress. It's very fun, flirty and feminine. But the shoes? I'm not so sure about. I love the orange neon color by itself but what the hell are those black straps? I think the shoes sans black straps might have looked a little better, but even so, they do not go with the dress at all. What do you guys think of Fergie and her outfit?

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15 years ago

I think fergie lookes better than ever here. She looks fresh with her hair a dark brown, instead of an OVER high-lighted blonde look. And for the outfit, I love everything about it. She looks fashion forward. The shoes are hot, & in style. The black strap is just part of the shoe. Its a detail.

15 years ago

I adore this look. Tsk tsk to the reviewer. Fergie is on the cutting edge of fashion here. I would love if the average gal were more creative and not so meek when it comes to dressing. The world would be a more visually interesting place. In this outfit I think the black grounds the orange visually, and adds a sultry rocker/dominatrix vibe that plays off of the “innocent” hue and simplicity of the dress. The bright neon reminds me of Michael Kors’ recent runway show that was inspired by NYC asphalt and lights. I get heart palpitations looking at… Read more »

15 years ago

I think you’re crazy. Her entire look here is dead on.

15 years ago

She looks great, she is gorgeous, but a big NO to the shoes!

15 years ago

I believe she took a chance and it worked out in the end. Yes, if you do only look at one part of the outfit the shoes don’t work, but if you take it in as a whole the look works wonderfully. Her hair, dress, even her tan, all work together to make this look daring, sexy, and trendy. Kudos to her for taking a chance, and succeeding.

14 years ago

Wow. Fergie’s dress is awesome. I love it. I like her neon shoes, too. But I don’t think it goes with the dress. Hmm.

14 years ago

I love the shoes and the dress. But just not together.

14 years ago

Helloooooooooo oooooo

She is so IN!!
Its so gorgeous!
Nude and neon is so fashion!!!
10 for her!!

13 years ago

the dress is awesome awesome n awesome. neon sandal is wow but but but the sandal should go with other outfit. so the whole outfit is like NOOOOOOOOOO……….