Halloween Costume Ideas

By Aniela / October 12, 2008

If you're a chick on a budget like most of us are, you're probably reluctant to spend too much money on a costumer that you're only going to wear once! So here are a few Halloween costume ideas that you can do yourself with a minimal spending amount!

Halloween Costume Ideas


Whether you want to be a naughty school girl or something a little more subdued, you can find it all in your closet! If you don't have a plaid skirt, it's time to get one! Not only will you use it for your schoolgirl outfit, but you can use it after as well since plaids are super hot this season. Pair it with knee-high boots, tights, a white collared shirt and a tie. Voila, your schoolgirl outfit is complete! Oh and don't forget the pigtails!school girl outfit

60's VIXEN

The 60s were all about peace, harmony, and super-flare jeans. So I'm sure most of us have a pair of flare jeans in our closets. All you have to do is embellish them a little with some flowers on the bottom. Just go to your local Dollar Store, buy some colorful crafts and stick them onto the bottom of your jeans or at the back pockets. Put on your flared arms shirt from 2 summers ago and you're all set. Of course you can always get inspired by researching some 60s outfits and go with whatever fits your personality best!60s costume


Go-go girl outfits are fun and flirty and so easy to make! All you need is a colorful short dress, a pair of knee-high boots and a head band. Make sure you put in as much color as you can because that's what go-go girls are all about. Top off your dress with a wide belt at the waist and you're done.go-go girl


I know the maid costume is a little cliche, but you can pull it off so easily and cheaply, that you might just want to think about it! Take a simple black skirt and tie a cheap little white apron at the front. Put on a waiter's vest (they're on sale everywhere for as low as $5!) and finish off with a pair of sexy stilettos. maid costume


Cheerleader outfits are super easy to make. Just try to find a cute skirt and top that really match together. Try to stay away from black is possible. Put on a pair of sneakers and get a pair of pom poms which you can find at any party store for very cheap.cheerleader outfit

80's BABE

What's easier than pulling off the 80s look since we all have so many pairs of tights and skinny jeans? First decide which look you want to go with. Either a pair of acid-wash skinny jeans or a pair of colorful tights. Add an over-sized t-shirt and put a wide-belt over. Do the side pony tail and you're officially an 80's babe!80s outfits

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13 years ago

Maid? Lady of the evening. I wouldn’t let her clean my house.

12 years ago

if buying costumes it should be a good quality and looks nice on the body, most of the costumes here dosent look so…

last year i bought from toy69.com web – i hope that this year they will have some nice things also…