Holiday Fashion No Nos

By Aniela / December 7, 2009

If you're not too sure about what to wear this holiday season to all your parties, don't panic: there's still time! But while we're on this subject, I just wanted to highlight some major holiday fashion no-nos to so many people tend to make. So while you're rummaging through your closet to find that perfect something, keep these fashion no-nos in mind and look your best this holiday season.

Holiday Fashion No Nos

#1. Wearing too Many Sparkles

Sparkly Holiday Dress

Sparkly dress? Check! Sparkly shoes? Check! Sparkly makeup? Check! Looking like a Christmas tree? Check! Bottom line here? Keep the sparkles and glitz tasteful, and never overdo it. Just because it's the holidays, doesn't mean you have to look like a decoration. If your dress is sparkly, make sure everything else is simple and elegant, and keep the sparkles to a minimum!

#2. Wearing too Much Red

Whenever we think of Christmas, the color red always stands out – but that doesn't mean you have to be all in red too! Instead, pick out something that you can wear at any time, such as a classy LBD or a midnight blue dress which is perfect not only for the holidays, but the rest of the year as well. Stay away from wearing your red dress with red shoes and bright red lipstick…the 90s are over!

#3. Being Underdressed

If you're invited to a Christmas party or some sort of holiday gathering, don't wear your jeans and sweater. Even if you don't want to wear a dress, at least put on a pair of black dress pants with a pretty satin top. Your look says a lot about you, so make sure you look well put-together and somewhat dressy.

#4. Showing too Much Skin

It's not summer, so skin is definitely not in at your next holiday party. Stay away from dresses that are too short, bare midriff, and last, but not least, shorts. These things should only be worn when it's warm out, so if your holidays are filled with snow, keep yourself bundled up and show skin the tasteful way!

#5. Don't Complicate Things

There is just so much on our plates every holiday season including gifts, decorating, parties, etc, that the last thing we need it to go crazy over what to wear. So instead of complicating things and trying to coordinate outfits, go for something simple like a little black dress and accessorize with costume jewelry.

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13 years ago

I agree with the too much sparkles. You should always have a mix-match of different colors and textures in your outfit, it doesn’t all have to be the same! Although some girls (or guys) look great in the same color and texture of clothing, a variety is pretty much always a good choice, just make sure it’s not to over the top!

12 years ago

What website can i buy this dress off? I need a size 6 aswel