Hottest Summer Earrings

By Aniela / April 13, 2007

Last summer we saw a lot of different styles and trends with earrings from colored hoops, to chandeliers, to tear drop earrings. This season, all of those will still be in place, but we'll also see smaller diamond encrusted studs (don't worry, the diamonds don't have to be real) as well as thick copper hoops and colored earrings. Also, the stars have been seen wearing peace sign earrings, would you wear them?

So it's all about the bling this summer. Anything with little crystals or diamonds on it is a must. Diamond studs, or even diamond or crystal studded hoops are in this season. But of course if you can't afford diamonds, there are many places that you can get great knockoffs for dirt-cheap prices.

Hoop earrings are still in- make sure you have the thick ones too. Especially copper colored ones are making big waves this summer, so make sure you get a pair too!

Chandelier and teardrop earrings are still in, although you should save them for the evening. Feather tear drops are also hot this season, and they have all kinds of different colored feathers- if you're brave enough to sport them of course! So in this summer is pretty much anything that's feminine and has a bit of sparkle. earrings-group-31.jpg

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