Frozen Egg & Honey Mask

By Jackie / April 13, 2007

This fun and easy to make facial mask is targeted to help dry skin. You'll need the following things: 1 egg, half a cup of melted coconut oil and one tbs. of honey. Get started, you'll love this amazing at home concoction.

Start off by beating the egg in a small bowl until it is foamy and well mixed. Slowly add in the melted coconut oil as well as the honey. Beat the ingredients well until the mask is the consistency of mayonnaise.

Take an empty toilet paper roll and place it on end in a new bowl. Spoon the mixture into the roll and let sit in the bowl. Place in the freezer overnight.

To use, peel away the top 1/4 inch of the roll and smooth the frozen stick over your face. Think of it as a frozen pop sickle. The mixture will add tons of moisturize to your skin. You can place a wrapper over the roll, freeze, and reuse whenever you like! Perfect for sunburns. coconut

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