How to Wear Short Shorts

By Aniela / August 3, 2010

Today I'll show you how to wear short shorts the right way! For most of my life, I've been afraid of shorts and never really wanted to wear them. This summer though, as the heat kept escalating to new heights, I felt I had no choice but to bare all in a pair of shorts. To my surprise, I haven't been able to wear anything but shorts, and I'll show you how to wear short shorts without feeling self-conscious.

How to Wear Short Shorts


It's super important that you balance everything out when it comes to dressing. So, if you're wearing a pair of short shorts, balance them out with a loose-fitting top, an XL tee, or a long tank top. Short shorts also look great with a button-up shirt or a plaid top.


For shorties like me, wearing short shorts can sometimes make you look shorter, so it doesn't help in the lengthening department. To make your gams look longer, opt for nude or skin-colored flats, flip-flops, or heels. This will give the illusion of longer legs (and this goes for everything, nude-colored shoes are a life-saver!).

Dress Them Up!

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN wear shorts for a night out…even khakis! It's all just a matter of spicing it up and adding a few accessories. If you're going for the ripped short shorts, glam them up with a sparkly top and a pair of sky-high stilettos. If you choose to go with khaki shorts, you can also dress them up with an embellished tank top and a pair of chunky heels.

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13 years ago


13 years ago

um…no. in my opinion, you should just not wear short shorts. ill admit ive worn them and probably still will, but 95% of the time they just look skanky, sorry…plus the heels dont help.

i think if youre comfortable with your body enough to wear them and dont end up looking like a hoe (like ol’ daisy duke) then sure, only with a pair of flats or sandals though, otherwise, in my personal opinion, wayyy too trashy.

13 years ago

this is nice. lots of tips and tricks! :).. and lady above me where are you from!!?? shorts in summer!??..aww man.. as long as you hold yourself with class and wear your clothes, not let them wear you…Im sure people will view you ass classy… and its 2011 women have came to far to not be able to wear some damn shorts and get judged for it lol… shoot i work out 6 days a week, when summer comes IM SHOWIN OFF THESE LEGS lol 🙂

12 years ago

I agree with you Gina short shorts are a must when it comes to summer clothes !! I wear them almost everyday and you can create SO MANY different outfits of every style it’s insane !! I really don’t understand how they could look trashy …