Jelly Shoes…Yay or Nay?

By Aniela / August 5, 2010

Jelly shoes are making a comeback? Yes…it's true; according to several fashion and beauty mags these childhood jelly sandals are coming back in style…but would you actually wear them?

Jelly Shoes…Yay or Nay?

Personally, jelly shoes bring back some nice childhood memories of playing in the park with my friends, getting dirty, and eating ice cream. Although these fun, funky sandals were comfortable and brightly-colored, they certainly were not something I would wear as an adult! But behold…these modern jelly shoes are not your 80s flashback. Instead, they have a super cool modern twist that will get you jumping in a pair in no time!

Yes, I admit…I'd sport these. And why not? First off, look how adorable they look! They're perfect for the summer with a dress, skirt, shorts, and even jeans. Oh and did I mention how comfortable they are? Bonus: if they get wet, it's all good!

These updated versions include jeweled details, rhinestones, and hundreds of different colors and shapes, so that you can wear them with pretty much anything! One word of advice: don't ever wear them with a cocktail dress…or any fancy dress for that matter!

My Favorite Jelly Shoes/Flats

Pink jelly flatsYou can get this pretty pair of Steven Jellys at in black, clear, yellow, or fuschia!

Jelly Sandals

These super versatile jelly thongs are from Holster and will keep you looking fab and comfy all day long!

rhinestone jelly flats

Rhinestone Jelly Flats

Shine like a star in these J Maskrey Ultragirl jelly flats from Melissa (she makes the most fab jelly shoes in the world).

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