Keira Knightley: Fashion Icon

By Aniela / August 7, 2007

I can't say that I have noticed Keira's fashion much before…probably just because I never paid much attention to her in the first place, but when I saw this picture of her, I knew I had to write something about it!

This outfit is done in extremely good taste because it's so free-flowing and laid-back, but without all the usual “star sloppiness”. Keira Knightley

The dress is super simple, but it looks stunning on her as she knows how to accessorize! With a simple dress like that, you need to add things that will make it pop out more. So Keira opted for those adorable metallic gold flat sandals-which are absolutely to die for!

She also donned herself with some gold necklaces (to go with the shoes of course!) and topped it off with a very neutral bag. Very smart thing she did there- one more gold item, and it would have been a little over board.

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16 years ago

You might not have noticed her clothes because she so often poses nude! lol Just kidding. Great assessment of her outfit!

15 years ago

I like the way she put it together nice casual outfit

14 years ago

nice fashion and lokking good hotty x lol x