Lucy Liu’s Outfit: Love it or Hate it?

By Aniela / March 18, 2009

Lucy Liu isn't in the spotlight as much as we would like her to be, but that's ok. She obviously keeps herself shielded from the Hollywood drama, but I was wondering what you all thought of her outfit at the Vanity Fair Character Project. Now I'm not a really daring, statement-making fashionista, but I do love my shoes and once in a while, I'll go for something non-traditional. So what do you think of Lucy's statement-making outfit?

Lucy Liu's Outfit: Love it or Hate it?

Lucy Liu's Outfit: Love it or Hate It?

Personally, I couldn't pull that off, simply because of the collar. Other than that, I love how this dress fits on her and I love the orange and silver combination of her belt and top. The shoes also look good with the dress, but she could have chosen a racier pair to balance the conservative look of the outfit.

My only problem as I mentioned earlier was the collar. Take the collar off Lucy Liu, and this outfit will be fabulous!

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15 years ago

mm i dont think soo love the shoes love the pursebut the dress … the top part… orange? i mean am chinese orange doesnt flatter us that much and i dont like the fact she has her hair up ….ill give her a 6/10

15 years ago

Oh, this is not flattering her legs!! I think, the white skirt makes her legs look heavy/ wide.

15 years ago

oh i like this! shame on you, the collar is pretty.