Top 10 Spring Fashion Trends

By Aniela / March 18, 2009

With spring already in tow, we're seeing a lot of new and different styles gracing the covers of magazines, the catwalks and of course, the streets. So here are the top 10 spring fashion trends to watch out for this year!

Top 10 Spring Fashion Trends

Asymmetrical Dress1. Asymmetrical Tops and Dresses

Everyone looks great and asymmetrically cut garments, so I was excited when I saw so many designers had opted for this look. This spring, go for asymmetrical skirts, dresses and tops.

White Dress2. White Dresses

Show your inner goddess this spring by replacing your LBD with your LWD. Instead of the simple LBD though, go for sheer and frilly white dresses that scream elegant, playful, and feminine.

High-Waisted Pants3. High-Waisted Everything

If you can pull off the high-waisted look, kudos to you! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan, but I still appreciate the look of it – on those that can pull it off of course. This spring, go for everything high-waisted from shorts, to pants to skirts.

Loose-Fitting Jumper4. Jumpers

Pantsuits and shortsuits are in, aka jumpers, so don't be afraid to try this trend just make sure you don't pull them out of your 80s closet. This time, jumpers are a little more drapey and simple than you might have remembered them back in the day.

Sheer Dress5. Sheer Fabrics

The sheer fabric is super feminine and elegant and this season you'll see it everywhere! Sheer tops and sheer dresses covered the runways, but on the street, please make sure you wear a light tank or slip underneath a sheer garment.

Harem Pants6. Harem Pants

Again, if you can pull these babies off, wear them! If you're not very thin though, these pants might make your hips 10 times wider than they actually are, so I would suggest putting those aside for now.

Cleopatra Dress7. Cleopatra Styles

And now we travel back in time to Egyptian fashions, like Cleopatra's. You'll see tons of jeweled necklines and gold accents.

Bohemian Style8. Bohemian

Bohemian styles are making a comeback yet again, and I have absolutely no problem with that! Go for peasant blouses and skirts, flowery prints and loose-fitting garments to get the look.

Neon Colors9. Lots of Color

As I've mentioned in a previous post, color is the it thing this season. Think bright, tropical hues such as green and mango.

Bow Dress10. Bows and Ruffles

If you're a girly girl, you'll love this one. Bows and ruffles are coming back like nothing else and they'll be adorning everything from dresses to accessories.

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15 years ago

#7 looks really Bollywood to me – the bright bejeweled flowy orange and saffron dresses scream “India!” <3 the dresses

Who did the yellow dress from #9? I’m in love.

14 years ago

Does anyone know who designed #2 the Little White Dress??? In love!