Mary-Kate Olsen: Fashion Hit or Miss?

By Aniela / May 21, 2009

Mary-Kate Olsen….a fashion hit or miss? You decide! The Olsen twins always tend to surprise us with their dress of choice, and sometimes we really dig it while other times we just don't even know what to think. The culprit though, always seems to be Mary-Kate who pulls off some of the strangest and unique outfits we have ever seen. So what is she wearing  now?

Mary-Kate Olsen: Fashion Hit or Miss?

Mary-Kate Olsen

Well I don't quite know where she got the inspiration from,but that outfit as a whole is a little too vampire-esque for me. She's an exceptionally beautiful woman, but the black does no good to her. The dress actually makes her look shorter than she is, and even though we can see she has a belt on, it's barely noticeable therefore blending in with the rest of the dress.

The only thing I do like on this outfit is her shoes which are to die for and the clutch which brings out a little bit of color to the ensemble. Overall, I would give this look a 5/10.

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14 years ago

Mary-Kate Olsen is a total MISS!! This dress is completely wrong for her type of figure. The dress has a moth-eatne type look and people always say that a little black dress always works but in this case it’s completely NOT working! Mary-Kate needs more base & more typical colored schemes to work with her smoky eye appeal. The shoes were a great choice….if she was 18!! She’s really growing up and needs more base in her style choices to match her eyes and more importantly her skin tone. That’s the bri-view! 😉

14 years ago

that’s moth-eaten miss-type srry! lolz