Swimwear for Thick Thighs

By Jackie / March 15, 2007

A lot of women are troubled by thick, lumpy thighs. Weather you're short, you have thicker thighs, or you just can't stand your thighs, it's hard to get into the perfect swimsuit that will suit your shape. Read on to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type: thick thighs.

To draw the attention away from your thighs, find a swimsuit that has a high-cut bottom which will make your legs appear longer and draw attention to your upper body.

Try a swimsuit that ties at the sides and has a higher cut than most. If you want to appear slimmer, choose a swimsuit in a darker shade, and stay away from patterns such as flowers which will attract attention to the unwanted areas.thick thighs swimsuitsi

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17 years ago

Hillary Clinton needs to read this article. Last time I saw a picture of her in a bathing suit, we all suffered due to her severe thongitis which did nothing to mitigate her thunderthighs.

17 years ago

hey! that’s me! hahaha… where do i get these suits!? 😉

16 years ago

Wow!where have you been all my life.Thanks a million.i took ur advice and got me a pair of swimsuits that were tied to the sides.They looked so great on me.I’ve never been happier with my body until now.Thanks again.

16 years ago

[…] there is one problem that women complain most about it’s their thighs. No matter what you try to do, it seems like there is no way to make your thighs appear slimmer. […]

16 years ago

AHahaha….. If I tried a suit like them above..You would see a bowl of jello..I have 4 kids..there is no way….. n e one would want to see me in one of them bathing suits above……. Seriously.. Them are for the pole girls…
I think I will stick with the ones I have..hehehe
Good luck to those who try them……

15 years ago

I have been look for a bathing suit I just had a baby and my thighs are a lil bigger than before I already slimmed down on my belly!!! All those pizzas I ate during my pregnancy are hunting me now!! lmao!!! now I am going shopping for the right bathing suit!! thx…

14 years ago

Thats just like me!!! I am 15 and I have always had thick thighs, I think it because I love to run!!! but no matter how much weight I loose I still have muscely,thick thighs!!
I love my thighs!!! but I just need to find the right swimsuit to were this summer!!! this websit has been a great help!!! 🙂

14 years ago

(srry tht was a mess up put this one up)_well this is helpful since im kinda heavya nd short Doesn’t really help me in the summer I always thought I could never wear a bikini becuz of the way im made! Lol I mean most girls are pole skinny that isn’t healthy but thnks time a hundred! Now im gunna buy a kyoot bathing suit!!

13 years ago

Instead of appearing slimmer, how about actually getting slimmer? Most women who hate their thighs are out of shape and fat. Get in shape and things will change. Exercise is mandatory.

13 years ago

ok my issue is that i have no waist my butt is rather larges & the hips match. my thighs aren’t that big I wear a size 14 pants. My boobs are smaller im like a b cup I can wear medium shirts. dont get me wrng i look good in a swimsuit but i want to look BOMB. I dont really have stomach what type of swim suit should i wear. I got a 2piece mah bottom is black `& mah top is draw string `& ties at the neck `& has almost a zebra pattern. Help Pleasee (:… Read more »