Summer Hair Colors

By Aniela / April 6, 2007

This year's summer hair colors are to dye for! In the past we've seen many different shades come and go. Light brown with highlights, dark with highlights, and all kinds of different hair color trends. This summer season though, we'll see a lot more natural, sun kissed dye jobs.

Natural colors mean colors that looks natural on your skin type, and that aren't fake or dramatic. It goes well with your skin tone, doesn't clash with your eyebrows, and simply looks natural on you!

Highlights aren't as popular anymore because they don't look real. Instead, try opting for highlights that are a shade lighter than your hair color, and spread them underneath the layers to create a soft, natural look. This will give your hair some volume, as well as giving you real looking highlights.

Summer Hair Color Trends

If you've been thinking of changing your do this summer, this guide will help you make that decision! Let's take a look at this summer's hottest hair colors.

#1. Bronde

Bronde Hair Color

Perfect for those that can't decide between brown and blonde, bronde is your go-to! We love this color because it's very low-maintenace, warm, and looks great on all skin types. Think of bronde is a dark, sun kissed blonde.

#2. Butter Blonde

Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde, a la Margot Robbie, is a hair color trend that's definitely here to stay. A natural take on the dark root regrowth with soft, caramel-like blonde tones. This is a low-maintenance hair color that's great for all skin tones.

#3. Mushroom Brown

Mushroom Brown Hair Color

Although more of a fall color, we couldn't help but add one of our favorites – mushroom brown! This beautiful and intricate brown has tones of blonde and silver. It's quite the upkeep though, so make sure you're read to commit!

#4. Silver Blonde

Silver Blonde Hair Color

Although a less natural looking blonde, silver blonde is for those who really want to change it up this summer! As we know, icy silver or white blonde, is huge this year, but if you don't want to fully commit, the silver blonde may be your thing! Perfect for those with cool tones.

#5. Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights

These highlights look yummy enough to eat! Perfect for those that already have a chocolate brown color base – just add caramel highlights! This definitely reminds us of a warm fall day.

#6. Rich Red

Rich Red Hair Color

This year, be prepared to see lots of rich, red hues! A deep, rich red hair style will look amazing on anyone with warm undertones and will warm up the complexion without washing out.

#7. Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Dark brown is always in, but this dark chocolate brown is even better! Add lighter brown highlights throughout the hair to keep the color from falling flat!

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16 years ago

what sort of hair colour would suit a girl with black hair and green eyes? i want a change in colour.

Amy Jo
16 years ago

I have blonde hair and aqua eyes. I want to go like a light brunette color but not sure what color would look good.

15 years ago

i have darker hair i always die it and it comes out dark then fades out a reddish tone how do i prevent that?

15 years ago

i have dark brown hair and brown eyes and olive tan skin,i was thinking about going blonde,but not sure,what do you think?

15 years ago

I have dyed my hair many times the last time i got it done i went almost black now the colour is coming out and i dont know what colour to dye it.
I have brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and naturally brown hair..

what colour?

15 years ago

I have naturally like a mousy brown colour hair, but atm its dyed dark browny black, I die it alot and my hair dresser said it will be extremely hard to go blonde if i wanted too, i have tan/olive skin and hazel eyes. I want a change in hair colour for the summer because i dont want a blacky colour in the summer, what shade do you think would look nice?
i was thinking myself of a redish browny colour, what do you think ?

14 years ago

I have naturally red/brown hair, i normally dye it dark brown, but sick of it, i suit alot of colours my hairdresser told me, i wanna try something new.
anyone got any ideas ? i have medium length hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

14 years ago

hiya, i have naterally darkish brown hair- and i havent completely dyed my hair….ever. but i have kept putting blonde streaks in it but im getting bored of it.
i was thinking of going a really light hazel brown/blonde colour but not too sure!
have any ideas??
thank youuu (:

14 years ago

Hi, i have naturally dark hair but always dye it a light blonde. I really want a change. My skin is an olive colour and i have really dark eyes. I want to go a reddy brown colour but quite vibrant. what do you think, any sugestions? Thankyou

Bailey Ewing
14 years ago

Well im i guess a little lighter thean a brunette…But I have green eyes and lighter skin but summers comming up and i live at the beach when the sun’s out But I was wondering if it would look ok if I had blonde put in my hair and how much should i put in……

Bailey Ewing
14 years ago

Thank you for the help and what color’s do you have in your hair….lol….

14 years ago

I am a hispanic woman light skinned color but i do get a very nice tan color in the summer. I have black hair wich i die and dark brown eyes and I was thinking of changing my hair color but I do not like anything that has to do with blonde hair color of course on myself. Any suggestions??

14 years ago

i am a light ivory skin colored teenage girl, i have a light shade of blonde hair, and blue eyes. i was thinking of dying my hair a strawberry blonde color, but i dont know if that would look good on me…i dont want it to be dramatic or anything. would this hair color look good with my skin color, and eye color?

13 years ago

i really like golden blonde hair color like jennifer hawkins but my skin tone is light olive and my eyes are bluish green,golden blonde would suits me?i really want golden blonde hair color,right now my hair is fire red{dyed,it’s naturally brown}.

13 years ago

Hello, I’ve had my hair very dark (almost very black) for a long time now and I want to change it. My skin tone is light olive and I have medium/light brown eyes. What would you suggest?
Thank you so much!

13 years ago

i have blue greeny eyes wanting to go blonde but not sure if it will suit cos i naturally have datk brown hair and brown eye brows

12 years ago

what color looks right on a ,medium brown hair && hazel eyes ? need a CHANGE ASAP !