How to Get Long Nails

By Aniela / April 10, 2007

If there is one thing most women try to achieve but just can't do it, is get longer nails. It's hard to get your nails to grow because of so many things, including calcium deficiency. If your body does not get enough calcium, your nails tend to slow their growth and they become weak and brittle. Even if you do get enough calcium but your nails are still short and weak, it may be because that calcium doesn't go through, in which case a lot of people have to take vitamins and calcium tablets. Here's how to get long nails!

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How to Get Long Nails

#1. UpKeep

That being said, there are other factors which stop your nails from growing. One of them is not enough upkeep. In order to get your nails to grow longer, you have to take care of them, just like you take extra care with your hair. If you wash dishes or you use any chemicals and your hands aren't covered, these things affect your nails and leave them damaged. So next time, put on some gloves!

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#2. Filing

buffing block to remove bumpy nails

Also remember that for your nails to grow, you need to file them on a regular basis. Now you might think that doing that will actually shorten them, but it just keep them healthy and gets rid of the top, brittle layer (just like you get your split ends cut, it's the same with your nails). So file your nails every other day, and you'll start seeing them grow longer and stronger.

#3. Let Your Nails Breathe

bright nail polish

If you're in the process of trying to get longer nails, try to stay away from nail polishes and they too, can damage the nail. Instead, try using a nail growth publish, as there are tons and tons out there. They nourish your nails, and they are packed with vitamins, giving your nail the treatment it deserves. Use it every other day, and you'll see a major improvement.

Lastly, take care of your nails by getting rid of your cuticles, and pushing back the skin at the bottom of your nails. Oh, and bitting your nails is a big no-no so try to keep that in mind!

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15 years ago

hey i tried growing long nails and it just would not work

15 years ago

okay its is really hard to stop bitting my nails and i mean RLLY hard 🙁

15 years ago

i now i tride to polish my nail it does not look pretty

15 years ago

I can’t get long nails I’ve stopped bitting them but they start breaking and then I bite them to make them even

15 years ago

Hi ive tried 2 grow my nials i really would like some long one’s myn dont grow i have calcium like milk and cheese everyday and i am currently using rimmel london nail strengther it says it will work in two weeks will it ? i don’t know if it will i can only hope it will because when ever my nialls get a bit long they break and my m8 has well long nials i just don’t see how

15 years ago

It is hard 2 not break your nials or might them
because almost eveyrthing you do in life your nials get damaged
i got some advice that said not to tap desks with your nials or use them top open jars or stuff like that but my nials suddenly break in wat ever i do i would love longer nials
has any’one got any good nial strengtherners apart from rimmel london

babeyy boo!!
15 years ago

every time when i do try and grow my nails there lovelly until they brake all of an sudden i dont bite them i try not to get them wet and i pain them and file them i drink milk everydayy but my nails still dont seem to be growing still…

15 years ago

does this even work ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!

14 years ago

Ok i don’t get this!!!!!

14 years ago


14 years ago


it will work like a miracle !!


14 years ago

This is the thing you need. Buy a polish which is actually made to stop you biting you nails. Its taste is DISGUSTING, so it curbs your addiciton of biting your nails (Nails are tasting yucky = no bite the yucky nails). It really does work. If you don’t want to buy some special polish, then the only thing that really will work, without the usage of money, is self-disapline. If you catch yourself biting your nails, stop immedialty, sitting on your hands, or putting them in your pocket. Or, try to get into a new habit, such as rubbing… Read more »

14 years ago


13 years ago

put your hands in hot water for a hour and your nails whould of gron 5 inches long thanks

13 years ago

I’m 12, and my mum let me and my sis get fake nails for the summer hols and wen I took them off my nails were really long! Then they started to break off so I bit them to be like the same length. Now I started biting them again so I bought a nail thing that helps stop biting them. I used that for a while that was good but then the lid got stuck so I can’t use it so I started biting my nails again. If they were hard and long then I wouldn’t be tempted to… Read more »

13 years ago

i dont bite my nails out of habit. i bite them when they snag to keep them from tearing into the quick and hurting. usually to keep them from doing that i put nail polish on them!! What am i supposed to do??? plus some of the white on my nails grows uneven, so on one it will have lots of white and on others it is short. plus what am i supposed to do with tem while their growing? they look ugly without at least clear polish but that keeps them from growing

13 years ago

i have never had long nails. I started taking Calcium pills every morning, and to my surprize within a week my nails have passed my finger tip….try it it works 🙂

13 years ago

my nails will not grow.

13 years ago

It sounds as if this board is full of a bunch of 12 year illiterates.
And if you’re here on the page, then we all obviously know you’re having problems growign your nails, leaving a 5 word comment doesn’t help.

Stop biting them. Eat calcium supplements. Use tea tree oil on your cuticles, and push them back.
Give them more than a week to grow before you start complaining about it not working. It takes a few weeks, AT LEAST, before you’re going to see any real results.

reem khan
13 years ago

use garlic rub it on your cuticles it will work within a week

13 years ago

Is there any good tips on how to stop nail biting? I’ve tried to tell myself to sop and it doesn’t seem to work.

13 years ago

how would i grow my nail with in 2 weeks
is? garlic and egg good for nail
itching the head with nail damage the nail will it retard growth?

13 years ago

I have not bitten my nails in 2 years. I used to bite nails, and they were short but not ugly. Then I saw someone with long nice nails and I wanted to have that too so I stopped right at the spot. My nails are now nice and about 5 mm long.
Either you can use something to stop biting, or you have willpower to stop nailbiting.

12 years ago

hey you guys are really lucky to have such beautiful nails do you have any advice

12 years ago

do you have any advice to grow your nails in like a couple of weeks

12 years ago

How To Get Long Nailz……? 🙁

12 years ago

I like having long nails but if there isnt any nail polish on my nails are ugly. I wish I knew what to do…

12 years ago

Hi girls…I was reading all of your comments..and I myself got inspired lol..i got so consoled! Okay getting to the point..I bite my nails too 😛 But trust me the method I’m going to tell you will work like magic..and u dont have to spend a dime! So the method is..mash some garlic or even you can grab a piece and then cut it in half and then rub it on ur nail tips and on the pinky part. i heard it works within 3 to 4 days but it will also depend on how fast your nail growS. So… Read more »

12 years ago

Hi I have really nice pretty long nails that’s look real nice I’m not trying to brag just saying the truth and I stick them in boiling hot water with squeezed lemon and limes and ginger that has been diced no it’s not magic and it won’t go BANG and you’ll have nice ling nails you’ll have to wait fir 2-3 weeks but you’ll see a result….……a big long naily result goodluck

12 years ago

Hai what nail growth products can we get in chennai?? reply me

12 years ago

Nothings working..

12 years ago

guyz……..i m so irritated…………coz mere nails ki side se cuts lg jate h n dan i have to cut ma nails …plz suggest me what to do

12 years ago

frnds …..meri skin mein nails k side se cuts pd jate h ..experts plz give me a solution 4 ma problem