The 5-Inch Heel

By Aniela / October 3, 2007

Strutting around in style is about to change-drastically. A new breed of heels from such designers as Christian Louboutin and Sergio Rossi boasts a whopping height of 5.5 inch heels!

The regular, traditional stiletto had a height of 3 inches, and the previous high stiletto was 4 inches! So now that we're up an inch and a half, we'll have to start learning how to walk all over again!

I absolutely love high-heels, the higher the better. Not only do they make your outfit look a million times better, but nothing screams sex appeal and sexy long legs like a pair of super high-heels.

Now just because they're not, does not mean you should wear them every day. Wearing high-heels on a day-to-day basis can can feet and walking problems at a later age. So wear these babies with caution! heels

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