What to do if Your Dye Burns Your Scalp

By Aniela / October 9, 2007

We all know that it can be quite expensive to go to the salon…especially for a dye! So if you're one of those girls that like to do the at-home dying, you probably know most of the ins and outs.

But if you're a first timer, your scalp might not be used to the dye. Especially if you've never dyed your hair before! So what do you do when you put the dye on your hair and your scalp starts burning?

A lot of salons will actually mix the dye with Sweet ‘N Low to buffer irritation. And you can do it at home as well! Just put a little bag of the sweetener into the dye mix and apply as shown onto your hair.

Or if you want, you can even purchase a solution called Nioxin Scalp Therapy 3 with Glyco-Color Shield (only $10.50) which keeps the chemicals in at-home dyes from harming your skin. Nioxin Scalp Therapy

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