The Perfect Swimsuit for Your Figure

By Aniela / May 5, 2009

Want to find the perfect swimsuit for your figure? We can't all wear the same style swimsuits because unfortunately, we all have different shaped bodies. And as much as I would love to pull off some sexy, exotic swimsuits I see on the runways, I have to come to terms that I am not that tall, nor that skinny – so I have to find a swimsuit that fits my shape, not someone elses. Keep reading to see which swimsuit best suits your figure!

The Perfect Swimsuit for Your Figure

Problem #1: Small Bust

ruffled top swimsuit

We're not all blessed with a bountiful bust, so we have to make do with whatever we have. To hide a small bust, wear swimsuits with padding (just make sure they look ok once you get wet!), ruffles to add more volume, and prints to distract from the problem area. Also, make sure the colors work in your favor too! Pair a dark bottom with a bright top to make it work.

Problem #2: Large Bust

built-in-bra swimsuit

If you find that you're spilling out everywhere, you may need to rethink your swimsuit. Did you know that swimsuits actually run 2 sizes smaller than regular clothing? So with that in mind,  choose a swimsuit with a built-in bra or an underwire to avoid spillage. Stay away from bandeaus, keyhole, string bikinis and demi-bra styles.

Problem #3: Belly Bulge

Tummy Control Swimsuit

One of the most common swimsuit problems is the belly bulge. Choose a plunging-halter suit which will draw the attention away from the bulge. You can also go with something that has a pattern or some sort of detail at the mid-section to draw the eye away. You can also look for swimsuits with built-up tummy control as well as tankinis. But just stay away from the bikinis.

Problem #4: Thick Thighs

High-Cut Swimsuit

To hide thick thighs, go for swimsuits with a high cut on the leg, which will make your legs look longer and slim your thighs. Also, stay away from shorts as they actually tend to make your thighs and butt look bigger. Instead, draw the attention away with a colorful or embelished top. Also, you can mix your bikini pieces by putting the darkest on the bottom and the lighter color on top.

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Tiffany Ingram
14 years ago

Hi im having trouble w picking out the perfect dress for large bust n to hide my tummy. Can u please help. i wasnt sure tht a one shoulder dress would b cool.

13 years ago

hey tiffany! what i recommend for you is a simple dress with straps but is flowy under the bust. sort of that of a summer dress but no design under the bust, for that only draw attention there. maybe some sequins on the dress but not too busy (you don’t want to look like New York)i hope i was a sort of help! good luck!:)

Shanry McClanahan
13 years ago

Thank you for the tips. The only problem is that the thick thigh solution doesn’t work for those with stretch mark from said thick thighs.