Velcro Sneakers

By Aniela / March 1, 2007

Welcome back velcro sneakers! That's right! Velcro sneakers are back and they will be a big hit this summer, especially in Europe! These babies came to the fashion stage in the late 80s but left not too late after that, proving that they weren't at the top of their game. Fortunately for them and for us, they're back in the swing of things and they are also cuter than ever.

These sneakers are not only comfortable and easy to close, but they are absolutely adorable. They look fabulous with a sporty jean miniskirt, a pair of jeans, or capris.

They look best worn during the summer time and make sure you pick a pair that has some color like these green Adidas. You can also match the color to something in your outfit like a necklace, a headband, or even a tee.

So welcome back the ultra cute, ultra comfortable velcro sneaker!Adidas velcro sneakers

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17 years ago

It has been many many years since I ever wore shoes with velcro!

17 years ago

I know me too, but they’ve made a comeback in the fashion world and I think they look absolutely adorable! Thanks for your comment!

14 years ago

where can i find these?