Get Longer Legs

By Aniela / March 2, 2007

There is nothing hotter than a pair of long, sexy legs. That being said, we're not all blessed with long legs, so we must improvise. Here are some super sexy styles and trends that will not only make you look fabulous, but will also make your legs look a mile long.

Stay away from cropped pants because they widen your hips. Short shorts that aren't too tight create a uniform continuous line from the top to the bottom of your legs, therefore elongating them.

Dark jeans not only make you look slimmer, but if you pick a pair with floor grazing inseams, they will add inches to your height!

Skinny jeans with flats are cute and all, but let's face it, they don't give you the height you really want. So next time when you wear those jeans, why not wear them with a pair of stilettos or high wedges?

Considering you have the proper silhouette, high-waisted pants do wonders for your height because they start so high at your waist, it gives the impression of longer legs.

high waisted pants

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